Configure your e-mail


No matter which email service you use, you can automatically store emails you send as part of your contact's history in Salesforce.


While you can send email directly out of Salesforce, sometimes you'll respond to an email in Outlook® or Gmail and you want a copy to be stored in Salesforce. If you use Outlook, you can also synchronize your calendar and tasks.


  • Outlook
  • Gmail or other

Connect with Outlook


  1. Close Outlook
  2. In Salesforce, click Your Name | Setup | Desktop Integration | Salesforce for Outlook
  3. Click Download. Then click Save, open the saved file, and complete the installation wizard
  4. Open Outlook. The setup wizard opens, and the red circular Salesforce for Outlook icon appears in your system tray. To manually open the wizard, right-click this icon and click Settings
  5. Enter your Salesforce username and password
  6. Click Approve. This creates a secure connection between Outlook and Salesforce. You won't have to log in again unless you encounter an error. If you click Deny, you'll return to the previous step
  7. Click Next, and choose the folders you want to sync. You can use your default folders or click Change Folder and select or create a folder that's within your default folders or the main Mailbox folder
  8. Click Next, and then click Done. A welcome message appears at the system tray icon, which is now active. If you're configured to sync Outlook items, all data in your selected folders syncs automatically. The icon spins to let you know when data is syncing

Connect with Gmail or another email tool


  1. Click Setup | Personal Setup | Email | My Email to Salesforce
  2. In the My Acceptable Email Addresses box, enter all of the addresses of your email accounts that you want to send from
  3. In the Email Associations section, set up the rules for how you want emails to be attached to records
  4. Find your Email to Salesforce Address. It should start with "emailtosalesforce@".  Add this address to your address book for your convenience
  5. Anytime you send an email to a lead or a contact that you want automatically recorded in Salesforce, BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) your Email to Salesforce Address
  6. You're done!  The next time you view that contact record in Salesforce, you can find a copy of that email in the activity history related list