Create a social contact


A contact is a person at a customer or prospect account with an identified opportunity. The Sales Cloud allows you to track all of the information for a contact in one place, including your interactions with them, comprehensive contact data such as name, title, address, phone, email, company, etc., as well as custom fields and activity in social communities such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


The Contact keeps all of the information related to a particular individual in one place, and ties to other records in Salesforce like accounts and deals.


Step One: Create an Account

If you already have an Account set up for this contact, you can skip this step and go to "Step Two: Create a contact"

  1. Select the Accountstab, then click New
  2. In the Account form, enter all of the information that you have for this account, including main phone, address, industry, and any other relevant data
  3. When you are done, click Save

Step Two: Create a Contact

  1. Select the Contacts tab, then click New
  2. In the contact form, enter all of the information that you have for this person, including contact information, account, lead source, industry, and any notes
  3. When you are done, click Save

Step Three: Get Social

  1. Go to the contact record. Iif you just created the contact, it will automatically take you to this page, otherwise select the Contacts tab and search for the desired contact
  2. Click on one of the social media icons just under the contact name at the top of the page (LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook)
  3. The pop-up window provides tabs for activity on each social media network. The first time you access this feature, you will need to provide your login information to each of the social media networks to access the information
  4.  You can also choose the picture that you would like to display by clicking Show Photo in Salesforce at the bottom of any of the social media network tabs