Work with dashboards


Instant access to the key performance drivers and real-time analytics you need to drive sales.


Putting all of your important information in one convenient place makes it easier to act quickly. Data visualization tools help you spot and respond to trends, and you can drill-down into underlying data. Leverage powerful analytics tool to build trend reports, matrix reports, and identify opportunities you may have overlooked.


Step One: View Dashboards

  1. To view dashboards, go to the Dashboards tab. The default dashboard you will see the first time you use this is the adoption dashboard, which shows you how people are using salesforce
  2. You can also see a basic sales performance dashboard by selecting the dropdown menu from the View Dashboard field on this page and choosing the Performance Dashboard

Step Two: Create Custom Dashboard

  1. You can also create a new custom dashboard based on the metrics that you are interested in. These dashboards may be created based on custom reports or existing dashboards
  2. To customize a dashboard, simply click on the area that you want to customize and modify its parameters

Step Three: Share the Dashboard

  1. Hover the mouse over the header for any dashboard item and click the drop-down button that appears to the right of the header
  2. Choose Post snapshot to user or group feed, and then choose the group where you would like to share the file. Now your colleagues can see the dashboard in the group feed!