Welcome to Sales for the Social Enterprise

Now you can get deeper insight into your customers, collaborate with them, and work more closely with your team -- all in one secure place. The Sales Cloud from salesforce.com connects you to your customers and prospects in the social web, and puts the expertise of your entire company at your fingertips so you can close more deals, faster.
To get started, watch these helpful introductory videos, or get “hands on” by following the steps below:
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Create a social contact

Get deeper insight into your prospects and customers by connecting their contact information in the Sales Cloud with their posts on the social web.

Collaborate with your deal team

Leverage the expertise of your entire company to close more deals, faster. Create a new opportunity in the Sales Cloud, and collaborate on it with your team.

Share a dashboard

Keep your team in sync. Dashboards provide a real-time, at-a-glance view of your business so you can easily share and discuss your current team funnel, top deals, sales trends, and more.

Invite a customer to collaborate

Connect with customers from inside the Sales Cloud with private, secure Chatter groups to share information, answer questions, and keep deals moving.