Many features of Sales AI, like opportunity scoring, next steps found in call transcripts, and tracked contact relationships.

Sales AI

Sell smarter with AI for sales built directly into your CRM. Guide sellers to close faster while automating and personalizing sales tasks with Einstein GPT.

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Sales AI for sellers at every step of the deal.

Work smarter — not harder — with AI built directly into your CRM.

Speed up time-to-close with conversational intelligence.

Einstein Conversation Insights

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Get key sales call insights to quickly move deals forward.

An alert shows that an opportunity is stalled. The call transcript shows multiple competitor mentions.

Log and transcribe calls automatically and improve rep follow through.

AI generates call transcripts and scrubs the conversation for one-click follow-up tasks, like sending a quote.

Reduce ramp time by sharing successful sales calls with new reps.

Successful sales calls are saved in collections to train other sales reps

Make better customer connections with AI that researches for you.

Einstein Relationship Insights

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Find warm intros and build relationships by learning about decision makers.

AI visually maps the connection between one specific contact and other colleagues, employers, etc.

Get key context from relevant sources across the web pulled into your CRM.

Customer data pulled into Salesforce is automatically added to existing records in a click.

Receive relevant deal info as you browse the web, no matter where you are.

A current business contact, Sandra Hampton, is mentioned in a public press release. AI notes the mention on their record.

Accelerate decisions and productivity with intelligence and automation.

Sales Cloud Einstein

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Get the info you need to focus on the right deal at the right time.

An open opportunity gets a health score alert with factors that lead to a closed deal. The same alert says to send an email.

Keep your CRM up to date by capturing and syncing sales info automatically.

Calendar data captures past activity, like an email proposal, and suggests next steps and times for a lunch meeting.

Forecast with confidence with data-based AI-predictions and explanations.

Einstein breaks down reps rate of close, overall pipeline health, and cites the main factors that have led to current trends.

Sales Cloud Pricing

Select your Sales Cloud edition below. Sales Cloud Unlimited edition includes our full suite of Sales AI products, right out of the box. For the others, you can easily add the products you need.


Start fast with sales, service, and email outreach.
$ 25
User / Month
USD (billed annually)
  • Simplified Setup & Onboarding
  • Lead Management
  • Account & Opportunity Management
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The CRM for sales.

$ 75
User / Month
USD (billed annually)
  • Customizable Reports & Dashboards
  • Forecast Management
  • Quoting & Contracting
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The CRM for sales with analytics and API.

$ 150
User / Month
USD (billed annually)
  • Pipeline Management
  • Advanced Permissions
  • Workflow and Approvals
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The CRM for sales with automation, AI and development support built-in.

$ 300
User / Month
USD (billed annually)
  • Includes all capabilities
  • Premier Success Plan
  • Full and Developer Sandboxes
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"We use Einstein Opportunity Scoring to measure the probability of opportunities being converted to sales and to identify at-risk pipelines. In conjunction with Sales Cloud and Forecasting, it has improved win rate by 14%. media.monks Laurent Farci, SVP, media.monks"

We use Einstein Opportunity Scoring to measure the probability of opportunities being converted to sales and to identify at-risk pipelines. In conjunction with Sales Cloud and Forecasting, it has improved win rate by 14%.

Laurent Farci
SVP, media.monks

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Frequently Asked Questions about Relationship Sales

AI can be used in sales to automate and optimize various sales activities, such as lead scoring, customer segmentation, personalized messaging, and sales forecasting. It enables businesses to make data-driven decisions, free up time, and improve sales effectiveness.

AI improves sales by automating repetitive tasks, providing real-time insights into customer behavior, and generating drafts of personalized communication with customers. It also enables businesses to identify new sales opportunities and make data-driven decisions to optimize sales performance.

Artificial intelligence is changing sales by enabling businesses to automate and optimize various sales activities, from lead generation to customer retention. It is also helping businesses make data-driven decisions to improve sales performance and increase revenue.

AI in CRM refers to the use of artificial intelligence technologies, such as machine learning and natural language processing, to improve customer relationship management. It enables businesses to automate and optimize CRM activities, such as lead management, customer segmentation, and sales forecasting.

You can use AI in CRM by implementing AI-powered CRM tools that automate and optimize various CRM activities, such as lead scoring, generating personalized messaging, and customer segmentation.

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