Find hidden insights faster with Salesforce Wave Analytics, the business analytics tool built for the way you work.


Find hidden insights and sales opportunities in your business and customer data that you can take action on, right from within Salesforce.


No more waiting for IT to install hardware and optimize software before you can ask questions or take action. With Salesforce as your CRM, analytics is built into your data.


Now when you find an answer, you can quickly take the next step with built-in tools called Wave Actions. Create a task, update a record, share insights, and more — without waiting around for legacy technology or data analysis.

No more hardware hiccups and untimely software updates. Wave Analytics is reliable, convenient, and gets up and running much more quickly than traditional solutions.

Give your employees and partners a consistent view of data and access to new insights — embed dashboards across the Customer Success Platform with Wave Analytics — from Sales Cloud, to Service Cloud, to Community Cloud.

Over 150,000 businesses trust Salesforce to safeguard their data in the cloud, so you and your entire team can confidently and safely collaborate on any type of device, including Android and iOS.

Salesforce Wave Analytics has ready-to-go solutions for every line of business.


Get data analysis directly from Salesforce — or any other data source — from across your business. Now you can instantly explore information, find insights, and take actions that help your whole team move forward.

Make sales analytics simple and intuitive — uncover new opportunities, see into pipeline, and track team performance using pre-built dashboards that show crucial business metrics and KPIs.


Help your whole team deliver better service by giving agents a 360-degree view of customers with Service Wave Analytics — easily track case trends, agent efficiency, and channel optimization on a single dashboard embedded right into the Lightning Console.

Build custom analytics applications to solve issues for any company, in any industry. Discover and implement partner apps built on the platform that are already saving businesses time and money.

Explore your data from any device with our mobile-first design.


Mobile analytics is never an afterthought; it’s our first thought. Wave Analytics is designed for mobile and optimized across every device for both Android and iOS.

Business analytics software is accessible across the entire spectrum of today's devices, everything from desktop to smartwatch and beyond. Wave Analytics for Apple Watch was the first enterprise app for that device.

Share and collaborate on findings from anywhere. Wave Analytics makes insights available to your whole team, so you can have a conversation around data, collaborate on critical accounts or obstacles, and present to colleagues from any device.

Automate the entire CRM analytics workflow with Einstein AI, now on Wave Analytics.


Automatically analyze millions of data combinations in minutes with Einstein Data Discovery — uncover answers to key business questions without writing algorithms.

Get the data analysis software that helps you understand what's happening, why it is happening, and what to do about it. Einstein Data Discovery finds underlying causes for changes in your business and even guides you to the next questions you should be asking.


Communicate findings quickly with auto-generated slide presentations containing visualizations and talking points, so you're not stuck navigating complex business analysis software.

Salesforce users can now access AI-powered insights and recommendations right where they work, within Sales Cloud or Service Cloud and on any device.


Give your partners the power to expand your business. With Salesforce Wave Analytics, you can embed personalized metrics into partner communities.

Test drive Wave Analytics and explore real datasets.