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Making data-driven decisions has never been so easy.

Tableau features the most powerful, accessible, and engaging way to see and understand your data. Anyone can quickly learn and start exploring with the most comprehensive enterprise-grade analytics available today.


Get AI-powered insights instantly.

Our AI is driven by practical applications that provide accurate predictions and actionable insights. You’ll make smarter decisions without leaving the flow of analysis.

Connect and prepare any data.

Without proper cleaning and preparation it’s hard to extract insights from data. No matter where it lives or what condition it’s in, Tableau can connect to your data and get it ready for analysis.

Deploy anywhere you want.

Fit analytics into your existing infrastructure, on-premises, in the cloud, or in your CRM. You have the flexibility to decide where to integrate data visualization and who will use it.

Explore the data in your own way.

Drag, drop, ask, see, and learn with the analytics gold standard. Answer any data question with advanced visual exploration and natural language processing that’s both powerful and intuitive.

Share and collaborate with data.

Center conversations around data to drive your business forward. Securely share insights across departments or the enterprise in Slack and in your governed data environment.

Stay safe with industry-leading governance.

Get your most valuable data into the right hands with industry-leading security and governance models. Share access to actionable data and know it’s safe.

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