Start your AI journey ASAP.

AI is just the tip of the spear. You need real-time access to all your customer data, powerful analytics, and automation across your business to make AI work for you. And a trusted architecture that’s got your back. Einstein is the end-to-end solution for every business to get started now.

Einstein GPT can work with Public or Private Data & Models, including OpenAI, Anthropic, co:here, Salesforce AI Research, Salesforce Customer 360,  Salesforce Data Cloud

AI built on trust.

AI has the power to transform your business. But it can also put your data at risk. Einstein is built on a powerful Trust Layer that safeguards your company’s sensitive customer data. So you can use any AI model — and keep your data locked down tight.

Salesforce character Einstein stands beside a monitor featuring a generic symbol representing computer code.

Possibilities are wide open.

Einstein is built on an open platform. You can safely use any large language model (LLM). Ours, yours, or any other you choose. Salesforce Research has developed its own domain-specific LLMs. And Einstein lets you work with any model in an ecosystem of industry-leading LLM platforms.

Salesforce mascot Astro stands beside a diagram representing the complete Customer 360.

Einstein is ready for business.

Einstein is purpose-built for Customer 360 to drive efficiency and business outcomes across your company. It continuously learns and adapts to deeply understand your customers. And delivers customer magic like nobody’s business.

Help all your teams work smarter with AI.

Sales Cloud

Sell faster, smarter, and more efficiently with AI + Data + CRM. Boost productivity and grow with the #1 AI CRM for sales.

Service Cloud

Accelerate efficiency with AI + Data + CRM. Boost productivity from your contact center to the field with the #1 AI CRM.

Marketing Cloud

Win customers. Engage efficiently. Grow revenue. Infuse AI into your marketing to help you build lasting relationships.


Accelerate work with AI and automation. Find information and data instantly. And connect to anyone from anywhere.


Drive better business outcomes and intelligent customer experiences with AI-fueled insights everywhere, for everyone.

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