Commerce Marketplace

Expand your product catalog and capture new revenue with a digital marketplace built on the Salesforce Platform.

Boost profits with a digital marketplace.


Kickstart marketplace sales, fast.

Easily onboard sellers and create your custom marketplace.

More products. Less inventory.

Expand your catalog and reduce inventory risk. New sellers lessen handling costs and issues from supply chain snags.

Understand customers and win loyalty.

Get a single view of your customers across the business to create personalized experiences.

Launch a marketplace your way.

Key Feature

Seller Recruitment

Self-registration gets new sellers on board fast. Recruiting tools help you contact ideal candidates.
Key Feature

Seller Onboarding

Sellers can easily create a seller page and manage catalog info. APIs can help them launch more complex offerings.
Key Feature

Financial Management

Marketplace operators and sellers have a detailed view of both commissions and fees for each order.
Key Feature

Seller Management

Ensure your sellers provide great service with tools to evaluate delivery times and service excellence.
Key Feature

Catalog Harmonization

Easily group similar product categories from different sellers to show customers a complete list of relevant products.
Key Feature

Order Splitting

We handle order splits for one cart with multiple sellers. Each seller can update its shipment status independently.

Hear what our customers have to say.


Commerce Marketplace helps us understand our customers better, which builds more trust and loyalty. And because it's built on the Salesforce Platform, we can seamlessly combine it with other Salesforce products to really deliver value for customers.”

Fernanda Sanzovo Prado

Board Member, Jaú Serve Supermercados

Commerce Marketplace pricing.


Commerce Marketplace

Expand your catalog today and reduce inventory risks with Commerce Marketplace.

Gross Merchandise Value USD/order* (billed annually)

*1% of GMV for Commerce Marketplace does not include potential additional charges from Commerce Platform.

This page is provided for information purposes only and subject to change. Contact a sales representative for detailed pricing information.


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Win customer loyalty and reduce inventory risk.

Explore our resource article and discover how a digital marketplace helps you expand gross merchandise value, strengthen customer relationships, overcome out-of-stock issues, and more.

Commerce Marketplace + Service Cloud


Easily review and resolve service cases.

Combine the power of Commerce Marketplace with Service Cloud to easily review customer support cases and resolve cases fast, turning shoppers into loyal customers.

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