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8select GmbH

8SELECT offers online retailers and their teams a technical platform to manage their experts, product knowledge, product data and customer interaction. 8SELECT brings the human touch into personalized product recommendations and interactive content along the customer journey.

With the Human Experience Platform (8.HX) retailers get a unique solution to increase customer satisfaction, customer retention and sales. Online shop managers and marketing managers can stage the people behind the shop, for example their employees, influencers or product experts, and thus ensure a special human customer experience leading to 39% bigger shopping carts in average.

Through advice in combination with the highest available quality of expert-driven product recommendations online shops can provide a completely new quality of customer relationship. 8.HX gives online shops a "face" and enables them to differentiate themselves from their competitors in the long term.

8SELECT delivers its solution as SaaS with easy API access. Managing the human experience with 8.HX is scalable, simple and efficient - trusted by leading online retailers such as HSE24, MyToys, VAUDE, Peek&Cloppenburg and Popken Fashion Group.

Visit for further information and to learn more about how to use the power of 8.HX and Salesforce Commerce Cloud in your ecommerce shop.

Integration Overview

8SELECT Commerce Cloud Cartridge empowers online retailers to get easy access to various features of 8SELECT’s Human Experience Platform 8.HX. For installing the 8SELECT plugin downloading the 8SELECT plugin from the Salesforce Marketplace is required as well as inserting your registration keys (API ID and Feed ID) and activating the configuration.

As a first step, please visit the 8SELECT website or contact us at to choose the right service package for your needs. Next Step is activating the 8SELECT Management Console user account with some backend features such as product set manager, widget manager and performance manager.

Thanks to the integrated dashboard, you have a real-time overview of the performance of your product sets. This includes KPIs such as the increase in sales achieved with 8SELECT, additional items sold and the increase in average order values. We also determine which product sets, brands and categories perform best in your shop.

Integration Features

  • Expert-based Cross-selling (Onsite and Offsite)
  • Expert-based personalized Product
  • Recommendations (Onsite and Offsite)
  • Content-based Product Set Templates
  • Data preparation by AI
  • Product Data Feed
  • Update Feed
  • Product Set Manager
  • Performance Dashboard
  • Plug & Play