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Having raised one of the largest Series A funding rounds of Southeast Asia, aCommerce is currently the region’s leading ecommerce service provider. With over 1,400 talented staff and operations in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines, aCommerce provides robust localized ecommerce solutions for global brands such as L’Oréal Group, LINE, Abbott, Unilever, Nescafe and more.

aCommerce was founded in May 2013 and is currently headquartered in Bangkok.

Integration Overview

aCommerce Connect enables merchants to integrate with the aCommerce Public API with relative ease. It ensures that registered partners and merchants of aCommerce can consume the endpoints such as authentication, inventory, sales order creation and sales order statuses updates. Our cartridge uses the latest technology and complies with Salesforce Commerce Cloud standards, alongside being updated regularly by our development teams. aCommerce Connect saves time and money by instantaneously integrating with the AMP (aCommerce Management Portal), where fulfilment and logistics events take place. AMP is also a cloud-based warehouse management system integrated with Commerce Cloud to automate and streamline your fulfillment. AMP provides robust reporting to cut down hours spent on manually aggregating your data. aCommerce Connect is designed to simplify navigation between the ecommerce store and AMP. 

Integration Features

  • Order Creation from Commerce Cloud to aCommerce OMS.
  • Order Status Update from aCommerce to Commerce Cloud.
  • Stock Allocation from aCommerce OMS to Commerce Cloud.
  • Currency Conversion based on Warehouse fulfilling the order.
  • Fully configurable via the Business Manager Site Preferences