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AiBUY, Inc.

AiBUY offers a unique proprietary technology that makes digital media interactive and shoppable at scale. Enabling retailers and brands to monetize their content like never before possible throughout various channels – including Social Media, Web, App, OTT, Advertising, etc.

This includes the monetization of both live stream and Video-on-Demand through a seamless in-video integration without requiring the consumer to leave the content or disrupting the post-purchase processes. AiBUY can also do the same with other media types including static images and 3D/2D images. AiBUY has been awarded over 50 patents over the last 11 years and was a part of the Salesforce Accelerate Program designed for high-potential ISVs.

Integration Overview

The AiBUY cartridge integrates with Salesforce Commerce Cloud to provide a shoppable and interactive solution for media (images, video, and coming soon AR) that are portable and can live on nearly any site or device. This integration level lets you monetize your content and allow consumers to interact with and seamlessly purchase products without leaving the media content or the site in which it is embedded.

With the AiBUY cartridge, you can import your product catalog into our platform, which will keep inventory levels, pricing, and descriptions all in sync as you make changes in Commerce Cloud. You will then be able to create rich interactive shoppable experiences easily through our portal or APIs by associating the products with the content either manually or through our machine vision engine. Our overlays can work with our player or any 3rd party video player or CDN network through a JavaScript SDK to enable detailed metrics on user engagement as well as support for hotspots and cue-points.

Integration Features

  • Portable shoppable media that can live anywhere (Owned & Operated Sites, Social, Blogs, Press Kits)
  • In overlay transactions
  • Interactive media overlays (video, images, AR)
  • Machine vision product recognition
  • 3rd party video integration
  • Development APIs & SDKs
  • Mobile media commerce