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The Akamai Cloud Delivery Platform helps eCommerce brands maximize customer engagement and online revenue by protecting your business from security threats, unpredictable performance, and regional delivery challenges of doing business online.
Leading eCommerce sites trust Akamai because our platform delivers the broadest array of best-in-class cloud delivery products and services, including superior web and mobile performance, cloud security, enterprise access, and video delivery solutions – all underpinned by exceptional customer service and 24/7 monitoring. You can count on our people and technology to support you and maximize your eCommerce outcomes every step of the way.
Akamai Connector for Commerce Cloud Customer FAQ
Akamai Connector for Commerce Cloud Product Brief
Salesforce and Akamai Partner to Empower eCommerce Businesses to Deliver the Best Mobile and Web Experiences to their Customers. eCommerce businesses that leverage Salesforce Commerce Cloud can continue to access Akamai’s integrated performance and security solutions to help them maximize customer engagement and online revenue by improving web and mobile load times and protecting their businesses from cyber threats.

Your users demand visually engaging, personalized experiences that are fast on every device, all the time. To deliver on customer expectations, digital businesses craft increasingly complex applications, that are loaded with high-res images, videos, personalization, and myriad other 3rd party content. The result can be very costly to operate, optimize, and maintain. Akamai's adaptive learning engine continuously analyzes, optimizes and accelerates web and mobile experience so you can focus on what makes you unique. The result is a superior experience for every user, automatically.

The Akamai Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a free add-on to Akamai Web Performance solutions, and facilitates the benefits from Ion, our flagship delivery product, such as:

  • Detects device characteristics and automatically determines the optimal time to push content, pre-connect to 3rd-party resources, and adapts image format, size, and compression to deliver user experiences are fast, seamless, and optimized for their browsing context.
  • Provides differentiated user experiences through self-service policies designed to eliminate latency and errors by instantly delivering static content.
  • Pre-position content to help deliver more consistent experiences across varying network conditions - even when connectivity is lost.
  • Provides consistent performance over cellular connections and realize performance improvements through protocol optimizations, including real-time IPv4/6 adaptation, and secure connectivity for older mobile devices using the Cha-Cha Poly cipher
  • Builds on the benefits inherent in HTTP/2 and delivers intelligence that automatically pushes content to the user’s device quickly and efficiently to eliminate the gaps and errors that can lead to dissatisfied users and missed conversion targets.
  • Delivers consistent experiences to your users, and maximize uptime and availability with a fault-tolerant solution that makes intelligent routing decisions based on global Internet conditions
  • Provides actionable insight into end-user experiences to perform ongoing optimization and tuning to maximize user experiences in specific geographies or browsers, Operating Systems, or protocols.