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Akeneo is a leading open source enterprise product information management (PIM) platform that radically improves how complex product data is managed and simplifies the distribution of that data across multiple sales channels. Over 45,000 companies currently use Akeneo Community edition and leading global brands such as Samsung,, Carrefour, Universal Music Group and John Deere trust Akeneo's Enterprise Edition PIM solution to scale and customize their ecommerce initiatives in order to gain productivity and offer their customers an amazing user experience. Akeneo is based in France, Germany and the United States.

Open source is deeply integrated in our DNA. Akeneo was created with the conviction that products are the most important assets of a company and that merchants were missing a tool to help them manage efficiently those assets. That’s why we created a tool designed for marketers, and flexible enough to be integrated with any third party application. Most of our users experience significant improvements in productivity by allowing them to manage more products with far fewer resources, improved conversions and reduced return rates as a result of more complete and higher quality product information. With Akeneo, take back the control of your data and don’t fear multichannel anymore!

Utilize Akeneo’s open source PIM solution to easily consolidate, enrich, manage, and export product information to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This cartridge leverages the latest API technology to provide seamless integration between Akeneo PIM and Commerce Cloud.
  • Open source provides flexibility that allows your business to adapt quickly
  • Reconcile and harmonize product information coming from multiple heterogeneous data sources
  • Export your product data to Salesforce Commerce Cloud or other sales channels such as mobile applications, print catalogs, point of sales systems, and marketplaces.
  • Improve your time-to-market spreading attributes, categories, products, price books, associations and media to Commerce Cloud Business Manager thanks to Akeneo API
  • Monitor the completeness of your product information for each channel and each locale to boost the ROI of your catalog