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Algolia is search-as-a-service platform that helps businesses across industries to build great, personalized search and discovery experiences on every channel, that drive conversions and engagement, and increases GMV. More than 9,000 companies including Lacoste, LVMH, NBC and Societe Generale rely on Algolia to power their digital experiences.

With its search-as-a-service API, and advanced front-end libraries, Algolia enable organizations to transition to a headless architecture and rely on a unique solution to power all their front-end product and content based experience.

Algolia increases commerce teams productivity with a visual merchandising tool, a user friendly dashboard and advanced search analytics. Launch promotional campaigns and react to the latest trends across channels, or merchandise specific keywords or category pages, in a few clicks, without the need to involve IT.

Learn more from our case case studies: How Lacoste achieves +150% sales contribution from search with Algolia and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and how Ubisoft build a rich Salesforce Commerce Cloud search in every country, on every device increasing conversion rate by 35% using Algolia.

Learn how to install the Algolia Link integration on Salesforce Commerce Cloud in 10 minutes with this video

Integration Overview

On the back-end, Algolia's integration indexes Commerce Cloud products and categories to make them searchable and power advanced navigation experiences. Using Algolia's API clients or its Crawler, customers can also index content from multiple Salesforce clouds including Community Cloud, allowing them to build unified experiences surfacing products, editorial content and more.

On the front-end, Algolia's integration allows two approaches: it natively integrates with SFRA's Storefront and replaces the native search and navigation experience to provide fast, relevant, and personalized experiences for online shoppers, that can be customized using a comprehensive, open source Javascript framework and pre-existing widgets. Commerce Cloud customers can also easily build completely new experiences using Algolia's API clients, front-end libraries and extensive documentation, on any device and channel.

Users of Algolia's integration for Commerce Cloud have access to Algolia's user friendly dashboard to manage the experience, including launching promotional campaigns across channels, or merchandising specific keywords or category pages via a visual merchandising tool, managing the relevance algorithm, managing the personalization algorithm, launching A/B tests, and more.

Integration Features

  • Personalized Search: Delight your shoppers with fast, relevant and personalized search, including search-as-you-type, typotolerance, query suggestions and more.
  • Personalized Browse & Search Discovery: Help your shoppers browse your catalog with personalized category pages, advanced navigation, filters and facets.
  • Multi-Channel: Power product based experiences on any device and channel using Algolia's API clients, front-end libraries and extensive documentation.
  • Merchandising: Use a visual merchandising tool to merchandise keywords, categories, display banners or create redirects.
  • Test & Optimization: Leverage a user friendly dashboard to create synonyms, manage the relevance algorithm, manage the personalization algorithm, launch A/B tests, and more.
  • On-Brand: Tailor your front-end experiences to reflect and amplify your brand.
  • Federated Experiences: Use Algolia APIs and Crawler to index any source of content, including Salesforce Community Cloud content, into Algolia and serve it in unified experiences.