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Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a global payment solution that brings the simplicity and familiarity of Amazon’s buying experience to our merchants’ customers, making it easy for hundreds of millions of Amazon customers around the world to pay using the information already stored in their Amazon account.

Amazon Pay helps increase conversion, capture mobile sales, reduce fraud costs and maintain control of the shopping experience from check-in to check-out. With the Amazon Pay extension for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, customers can easily check out on your site, without ever leaving your site. Your product-level data is never captured or shared with Amazon Pay. Add the Amazon Pay extension to your Commerce Cloud site today – setup is streamlined so that you can start taking transactions quickly.

Integration Overview

Your customers can now spend more time shopping and less time checking out! Benefit from years of innovation and offer the trust and convenience of the Amazon buying experience, by adding Amazon Pay to your Salesforce Commerce Cloud website. The cartridge, built by OSF Commerce, allows customers to complete the buying process using the trusted Amazon Pay widgets for shipping address and payment method. During the checkout process, customers will have the option to log into their Amazon account and use the shipping and payment information saved to their Amazon account, without leaving the Commerce Cloud website.

Increase conversion by reducing the number of fields needed to fill out during checkout and save your customers time and hassle, while  providing them with a seamless and consistent buying experience across devices and operating systems. Capture sales from buyers who may be hesitant to enter billing and shipping information by enabling them to use their existing Amazon credentials to pay on your site. 

Integration Features

  • The cartridge can be configured through a custom site preferences group in Business Manager;
  • Login with Amazon: the cartridge allows customers to login with Amazon from the Shopping Cart page and Create an account page in order to complete the checkout process;
  • Pay with Amazon: the cartridge allows customers to use Pay with Amazon to complete the checkout process;
  • Amazon Account Email Address Capture: accounts are automatically created in Demandware when customers login with Amazon credentials;
  • Login and Pay with Amazon AddressBook Widget: implementation allows users to choose as a shipping address from the list of addresses saved to his or her Amazon account;
  • Login and Pay with Amazon Wallet Widget: implementation allows users to choose the payment method from a list of payment methods saved to his or her Amazon account;
  • Split Payments Support: this cartridge supports setting up split payments for certain items; merchants can configure which items are eligible for split payments using custom attributes;
  • Deferred Payments Support: this cartridge allows customers to pre-order items; merchants can configure which items are eligible for deferred payments using custom attributes;
  • Email Notifications: the cartridge allows setting up emails for order confirmation, order complete notification, order refund notification and invalid payment notification;
  • Responsive Design Support: the Amazon AddressBook widget and Wallet widget adapt to mobile design seamlessly;
  • Recurring billing: implementation allows customers to set a purchases to be billed repeatedly on an interval;
  • Card on File functionality: Implementation allows customers to buy one-time purchase products as recurring billing products.