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Amplience is an API-first, headless content management platform for enterprise retail. Our content and experience solutions for headless commerce enable teams to do more, better, faster. Amplience serves more than 350 of the world’s leading brands including Boohoo, Floor and Decor, GolfTown, JBC, Liberty Ltd, The White Company and Tumi.

For more information on the Amplience solution, visit amplience.com.

Integration Overview

Dynamic Content for Salesforce is a content management, production and delivery solution designed for businesses that wish to drive engagement and conversion through powerful, visual storytelling at brand, category and product level. 

The Amplience Dynamic Content integration for Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) enables teams to plan, create, preview and schedule content to content slots or to create, preview and publish to content assets in a simple to use, modern user interface like no other CMS. Comprehensive localization and multi-site support means all your content can be managed in one place. Content published to SFCC can easily be reused across other channels such as mobile apps and emails, thanks to the Create Once, Publish Everywhere workflow. Mapping of custom fields and library folders allows blogs and advanced content asset use cases to be achieved.

The headless, API-first cloud-based architecture and OCAPI-based integration enables an ultra-fast time-to-market with no need to install a SFCC cartridge or rewrite storefront templates. 

The Amplience solution is certified to work with both SiteGenesis and Storefront Reference architecture. Open source accelerators provide a starting point for the most commonly used content types such as banner, shoppable video and blog.

Integration Features

  • Scheduling: automated scheduling of content directly from Amplience Dynamic Content to content slots
  • Scheduling: automated scheduling of content directly from Amplience Dynamic Content to content slots
  • Localization: publish localized HTML for both content slots and content assets and populate localized fields for content assets
  • Multiple site support: publish content to content slots on multiple sites from a single Amplience Content Hub
  • Content Assets: create and publish content assets in your library from Amplience production view
  • Standalone pages: configure a content asset to be published as a webpage with its own URL by setting the online and Page URL fields
  • Blogs: create your blog content using our Blog accelerator
  • Field Mapping: map properties from Dynamic Content content items or provide hard coded values for any field in a Salesforce Commerce Cloud content asset
  • OCAPI-based integration with no cartridge to install


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Amplience Dynamic Content


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