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Amplience Dynamic Media

Amplience is an API-first, headless content management platform for enterprise retail. Our content and experience solutions for headless commerce enable teams to do more, better, faster. Amplience serves more than 350 of the world’s leading brands including Boohoo, Floor and Decor, GolfTown, JBC, Liberty Ltd, The White Company and Tumi.

For more information on the Amplience solution, visit amplience.com

Integration Overview

The cartridge is designed to simplify the integration between the two platforms and contains a scheduled job that assigns the media sets to the product catalogue in SFCC. Associated templates and Viewer Kits are then used to display the Amplience product media in the Web Storefront. If the media does not exist, then a fallback will be returned.

There is also an associated report that is generated by the cartridge and allows you to find all of the products and product variations that do not have available media.

As a business user the flow for creating new product media is very straightforward - you simply upload your new product media to a specified location on Amplience's FTP server for automatic ingestion into Content Hub. The rest of the process is automated by the cartridge and the associated scripts and jobs.

Integration Features

  • Product imagery is served by the Amplience Dynamic Media service
  • Automated assignment of Amplience product media to SFCC products catalog
  • Support for full catalogue or partial updates of product media
  • Reports: missing images and products without images. Reports can be emailed to business users
  • Configurable out of the box, production-ready PDP viewer
  • Support for 720, 360, video, alternate images
  • Provides easy and configurable assignment of Amplience product images to SFCC products
  • Swatch support


Amplience Website
Amplience Dynamic Media