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Amplience powers retail engagement at scale. With the Amplience platform, forward-thinking retailers deeply engage consumers with inspiring digital content that moves the needle, across millions of customer experiences. Amplience signals the end of today's content production and publishing bottlenecks, accelerating processes and transforming assets into reusable content that can be delivered consistently across every customer segment, channel and locale.
With Amplience, marketing and eCommerce teams finally have the velocity of continuously fresh content required to convert customers at every point of inspiration, driving higher sales and productivity -- all without scaling up the team. Amplience is the critical component in every retailer's digital arsenal, ensuring investments in eCommerce and personalization deliver higher performance. Amplience customers benefit from the company's specialized knowledge and deep domain expertise gained from powering hundreds of the world's most demanding retailers.
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Dynamic Media for Salesforce Amplience Dynamic Media integrates seamlessly with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, giving you control over your visual digital content, including product images, videos, and promotional content. The API-first and headless Amplience solution provides powerful automated image and video management workflows, Dynamic Imaging and Video Transcoding capabilities, metadata and viewer configuration. Images and video are transcoded and optimised for all channels and devices. Product media is ingested directly into Salesforce Business Manager and assigned to products using Commerce Cloud's product feed, automatically publishing content to product pages. The cartridge integration connects Amplience Dynamic Media to Salesforce Commerce Cloud, making your teams dramatically more efficient while enabling you to deliver rich, personalized, dynamic content within your commerce and marketing customer experiences. In addition, Amplience may be used to deliver content across all of your digital channels leveraging the same APIs and Amplience solution you use for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
  • Dynamic rendering: dynamically render any image variant on demand from a single master asset.
  • Video transcoding: transcode video for all devices, mobile operating systems and screen resolutions.
  • PDP viewer: flexible, mobile optimized, adaptive, and responsive product media viewers.
  • Roundels and layers: dynamically create personalized image roundels and other layers.
  • Text-to-image and monogramming support via SVG.
  • Automate 360o and 720o (up and over) spin set production.
  • Managed complex media asset ingestion workflows via the API and multiple FTP dropboxes.
  • Flexible metadata schemas for enhanced enrichment workflows and viewer experience.
  • Responsive imaging support, including Point-of-Interest and Art Direction.
  • Support for collaborative workflows and asset internationalization.
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