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Apruvd is better fraud protection for your business. While legacy fraud systems give risk scores and leave tough decisions up to you, at Apruvd we do the analysis and decisioning for you. In addition to protecting you from fraud, we work to approve more complex orders that get rejected by traditional scoring and rules. The precision of our review process, backed by our 100% guarantee, ensures that hard-to-make choices are made for you, with accuracy and care.

Combining big data, modern fraud technologies, deep-linking abilities, and expert human analysis, we provide a scalable, flexible layer of protection for your business. Beyond simply preventing fraud, we DETECT REVENUE, capturing more sales, declining fewer orders, and helping you elevate the customer shopping experience. With ApruvdAssurance, we work hard to guarantee you the highest ROI in the industry. Experience zero risk, zero chargeback costs, and 100% peace-of-mind knowing no good customers are left behind.

Integration Overview

The Apruvd Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge is completely transparent to customers. Incoming orders will be sent to us, and our combination of state-of-the-art automation and expert manual review will return an approved or declined decision. All approved orders are backed by ApruvdAssurance - our 100% Guarantee, so there is no risk in fulfilling the order. If you are on our Full-Coverage Plan, all orders will automatically be submitted to us by the cartridge. If you are on one of our other plans, the cartridge will allow you to submit orders for review with one click from within Salesforce Commerce Cloud. You'll also be able to see the current status of the order (approved, declined, review- in-progress, not submitted) from the Commerce Cloud admin. Our customer service teams are easy to reach, quick to respond and always here to help.

Integration Features

  • Fully-integrated API cartridge for guaranteed fraud coverage
  • Automatic Submission for full-coverage plans
  • One-click submission for declines and custom plans
  • 100% guaranteed fraud protection on all orders
  • Seamless review of both domestic and international orders
  • Fast reviews for quicker order fulfillment
  • Keep your customers’ information secure with class-leading security & encryption
  • Minimize compliance issues, Apruvd does not access any PCI-protected data
  • Easy setup and zero maintenance overhead