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Avatria Convert

Avatria Convert improves conversion by using machine learning and predictive analytics to show customers personalized, relevant products throughout the entire search and browse experience. By feeding behavioral metrics and individual shopping patterns into state-of-the-art AI, Convert is able to determine what product a customer is most likely to purchase, and shows it to them at the optimal moment. Designed for flexibility, transparency, and ease of use, Convert plugs into your existing tech stack to deliver tangible results in as little as a few days.

In addition to developing our Convert suite of products, Avatria is a full-service eCommerce consulting agency. Our team of experts specializes in all things eCommerce: platform implementations, feature development, performance tuning, globalization, data science, accessibility, and site search optimization.

Integration Overview

Unlike many competing products, Avatria Convert is not a rip-and-replace solution and thereby minimizes cartridge deployment time and effort. It has been designed to sit on top of the existing SFCC browse and search APIs rather than replace them. It is cloud-native and API-driven so there is no additional software that needs to be installed. Simply upload the cartridge, provide your Avatria Convert Campaign ID, and enable on your desired storefront. It’s that simple!

There are two components of our integration: data collection and personalization. Our method of collecting data uses the existing web analytics implementation which means one need not implement and configure a time-consuming catalog feed. We personalize the products a user sees when they browse and search the site by executing a query (taking less than 100ms) to the Avatria Convert Intelligence Engine. The personalized experience is then delivered to the end-user by SFCC.

The cartridge is fully configurable and can be enabled/disabled per site. It also enables A/B testing via the SFCC A/B testing feature or external A/B testing tools like Google Optimize.

Integration Features

  • Personalized Browse & Search Using Machine Learning
  • Automated Segmentation
  • Support for A/B Testing of Personalization
  • Enable/Disable Per Site
  • Offline data ingestion for algorithm training (such as in-store orders)
  • Support for configurable personalization strategies (such as revenue and inventory optimization)