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Bambuser was founded in 2007 and specialises in developing pioneering, proprietary technology that enables live streaming from mobile phones and webcams over the Internet. In late 2019, Bambuser launched Live Video Shopping and has already attracted market leading customers including: Intersport, Apotea and Kicks, luxury retailers Moda Operandi and Luisaviaroma as well as Scandinavia’s largest consumer electronics reseller Kjell & Company.

The Bambuser Live Video Shopping is a white-label experience where retailers control both brand narrative (design and customer journey) and data (consumer and transactional). Viewers can both watch and shop in the shows while live and even after the show has ended. After a show has ended it can be edited directly in the Bambuser platform then linked to your site. The average viewing time for a Bambuser live shopping show is 9,20 minutes with a 22% add-to-cart and results in higher sales with fewer returns. Bambuser’s Live Video Shopping allows retailers to speak directly with consumers without coming in between that relationship.

Bambuser is also able to support Live Video Shopping with education and training in best practices for both content creation and live show production based upon data driven insights and the unique
Bambuser expertise. Our expert teams train, onboard and make sure the retailer has all the
necessary knowledge and tools to succeed. During live shows Bambuser can also offer monitoring and dedicated support services.

Integration Overview

Bambuser allows Salesforce users to easily implement Live Video Shopping on their eCommerce sites. By injecting the Bambuser embed and tracking scripts into a client’s Salesforce eCommerce platform, you can offer a dynamic, engaging live video shopping experience - increasing engagement and conversion across your store.

To kick off your integration, please contact support@bambuser.com for onboarding assistance and your API credentials.

Integration Features

  • Integration of Player to Shop and vice versa communication
  • Handle Events - Add to Cart, Initiate Check-out, Close, Update item, Provide Product Data, Sync Cart State
  • Handle Method - Update Cart, Update Product, Show Checkout, Configuration, Close
  • Purchase tracking