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OSF Commerce (a brand of OSF Global), winner of 2019 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award for Customer 360, Bolty Award in the Retail Category at Dreamforce 2018 and Salesforce 2016 Partner Innovation Award in Retail, is a leading global commerce solutions company providing technology, consulting, implementation, and Online Shop Management services to emerging brands, premier brands, and retailers. Our agile approach allows us to scale global growth more quickly and enable retailers to simplify the customer experience. With over 120 ongoing projects and eight years of worldwide deployments, OSF delivers innovative ecommerce solutions across channels, devices, and locales.

We work with our clients’ staff to ensure commerce solutions are successfully implemented and integrated with existing business-critical applications, thus BlogLINK 2.0 can be further enhanced and customized, upon request, to fit your business specific requirements. Contact us to book an informal meeting with a commerce implementation specialist, and learn why companies like Burton, YETI, and Urban Decay have chosen OSF as their trusted commerce partner.

Integration Overview

Build a customer experience that drives conversions with BlogLINK 2.0, an enhanced version of our cartridge that integrates WordPress with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Use WordPress as a CMS and manage your digital content from Commerce Cloud Business Manager. Blog articles are brought in as content assets, and your blog section will appear as a subfolder of your ecommerce website. Content contributors, with little or no understanding of HTML, can write articles in WordPress and sync them with your Salesforce Commerce Cloud website. Keep your audiences informed about sales, special offers, the latest news, and more with minimal effort. Showcase your products directly on your blog and open up this valuable content channel for increased sales opportunities and engaging digital content experiences. This new version has enhanced features, including SFRA compatibility, multi-blog and multi-language support, self contained integration, and a blog design that responds across all devices. Deliver personalized content by creating featured posts, or place the most relevant articles in the popular posts section. Improve engagement, retain your existing customers' interest, convert customers, and acquire new clients by strategically positioning content with our commerce solution.

Integration Features

  • New: BlogLINK 2.0 is now SFRA compatible.
  • New: You can now enable multiple blogs and multiple languages in Business Manager.
  • New: The cartridge is self-contained and doesn't affect other components of the website.
  • Flexible and responsive design. The cartridge comes with a default front-end layout and CSS/HTML styling that can be further customized based on your needs.
  • Ease of use. After installation, the cartridge requires virtually no maintenance, articles are imported, and displayed automatically.
  • Run on-demand or schedule sync jobs between your WordPress blog and Salesforce Commerce Cloud with one click. Enjoy ease of navigation while being able to easily and intuitively navigate through categories, tags, and articles.
  • Manage article placement according to your business goals to increase website traffic, average time spent on site, and conversions.
  • Anyone on your team can manage BlogLINK 2.0's user-friendly interface. Set featured articles, popular, related, recent posts, and archived publications.
  • Complete Integration. Blog content is imported into Salesforce Commerce Cloud folders and content assets that can be easily modified at any time.
  • Centralize management of WordPress blog articles in Salesforce Commerce Cloud Business Manager. The blog section will appear as a subfolder of the ecommerce website.


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