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Blue Triangle

Blue Triangle is a Digital Experience Analytics platform that provides teams with a connected view of their marketing, web performance, and third-party tag analytics while constantly monitoring website code for security vulnerabilities.

With Blue Triangle tracking every customer interaction on your Salesforce B2C Commerce site, digital teams can identify specific web performance, third-party tag, and purchase path issues measurably impacting revenue. This data empowers teams to improve and secure their digital experiences along the most critical areas of the customer journey.


Integration Overview

Blue Triangle's cartridge provides a seamless deployment of Blue Triangle's Real User Monitoring, Marketing Analytics, and Tag Governance products on your B2C Commerce site. To get started, simply install the int_bluetriangle cartridge into the B2C Commerce Cloud platform and reference our template in the footer.

The integration allows B2C Commerce Cloud users to get Blue Triangle up and running with minimal effort.The Blue Triangle cartridge is compatible as of 19.1.0 and will remain compatible with future versions of B2C Commerce Cloud as well.

Integration Features

  • Deploy in Minutes: Blue Triangle's cartridge allows for a seamless deployment on your website
  • Live Tracking: Track all performance, marketing, and third-party tag analytics in real time
  • Business Impact Analysis: Uncover how slow web performance and third-party tag challenges are impacting your revenue, conversion rate, exit rate and more
  • Advanced Filtering: Filter analytics by page, device, geography, A/B test, and more
  • Real-Time Alerting: Be notified the second any problem arises and get the insights needed to fix issues