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A world-class checkout experience for online retailers, with 100% fraud protection built-in.

Bolt is perfecting ecommerce checkout. Our goal is to build the best buying experience, internet-wide, for both businesses and their customers.

Our Engineering team built Bolt Checkout to improve the shopping experience for customers, but also to fix some of the biggest challenges ecommerce businesses face when it comes to checkout and payments. Bolt comes with payment processing, full PCI compliance, mobile optimization, and 100% fraud protection built in. For online retailers, that means providing a world-class checkout experience while cutting a lot of the operational overhead and technical debt that went into maintaining several different payments tools and doing manual order review.

Integration Overview

Bring the world’s fastest checkout to your Commerce Cloud site, and replace three tools with one: checkout UI, a payment processor, and fraud detection software.

Bolt is a seamless checkout experience for desktop and mobile, designed to get your customers across the finish line. We relentlessly A/B test across the Bolt Network, and our highest performing updates automatically deploy to your site.

With Bolt, there is no need to install Apple Pay, PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, or other tools; Bolt handles all payment processing for credit and debit cards.

Bolt leads the industry with its precision fraud engine. Say goodbye to setting up order blocking rules or buying expensive third-party solutions; we have you covered.

Integration Features

  • Lift conversion – Drive a massive lift in completed orders with conversion-optimized checkout
  • Made for mobile – Bolt is built to convert, no matter the device
  • Zero fraud guarantee – Eliminate your fraud costs
  • Conversion-focused fraud engine – Eliminate lost revenue from false positives
  • Boost customer LTV – Single-click checkout for seamless repeat purchases
  • Bank-level security – Bolt is PCI DSS Level I and GDPR compliant