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Search engines like Google miss about 50% of the content on large, enterprise websites. If that content isn't seen by search engines, it won't be seen in search results by real searchers - your potential customers!

Missed content = missed profits!

Botify helps to uncover those missed opportunities with its enterprise SEO platform and full-funnel methodology, from crawling to conversion. With Botify, ecommerce brands gain the most holistic view of their website so they can optimize each step of the process, ensure their most critical pages are being seen, and drive more traffic and revenue from their most profitable acquisition channel.

The Botify platform, designed to give customers complete ownership and autonomy over the entire search optimization process, includes Botify Analytics, a unified data model providing insights from all stages of the search process, Botify Intelligence, prescriptive insights and prioritized actions, and Botify Activation, automated SEO actions to accelerate websites and implement optimizations.

Botify has been recognized globally with awards from the US, EU, & UK Search Awards for Innovation in Software, Best Software Suite, Best Search Software, as well as presented with the Innovative Marketing Technology award by Dentsu & Fast-Track.

Botify works with some of the world's largest enterprises including REI, Macy's, Farfetch, John Lewis, Clarins, Vestiaire Collective, Carvana, RetailMeNot, FNAC DARTY, Groupon, and more.


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Integration Overview

Botify Analytics combines crawl data (Botify SiteCrawler) for the most robust view into the technical health and structure of a website, webserver log files (Botify LogAnalyzer) to understand exactly what webpages a search engine sees, actual searcher queries (Botify RealKeywords) to learn how users are actually finding a website, and web analytics (Botify EngagementAnalytics) to understand the revenue impact of SEO.

Log analysis is a critical step in the search process because it gives brands the information they need to understand the SEO opportunity and prioritize the optimization of strategic, revenue-driving pages so that they are crawled by search engines and driving traffic from users. But securing and ingesting a high volume of logfiles on a recurring basis isn't always an easy task.

The Botify cartridge allows for scalable, secure, automated, and recurring integration of webserver logfiles from Salesforce Commerce Cloud into Botify LogAnalyzer. The cartridge details the setup process to enable the integration between Botify servers and Salesforce Commerce Cloud servers, the configuration of the API Client ID, as well as contains a set of postman services which can be used to test and validate the OCAPI configuration.

Integration Features

  • Easy set-up with one-time configuration and validation of API Client ID
  • Authentication of oAuth request, initiated by Botify
  • Automated and recurring log requests
  • Secure parsing and ingestion of log files into Botify, coupled with unmatched data security and privacy in full adherence to GDPR.
  • Access to log file storage with visibility into configuration details of every file within Botify's Logfiles Explorer
  • Access and visibility into up-to-date log file data and near real-time analysis of search engine activity on your Commerce Cloud website
  • No development or maintenance required!