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As one of the fastest growing tech companies of today, Bynder offers a cloud-based platform for marketing teams to create, find, and use digital content. Every brand that leverages media, graphics and documents for marketing or sales efforts is a great fit for Bynder. In this digital age, marketers are creating more content than ever before, across multiple markets, with the added pressure of promoting a consistent brand story. Bynder solves this problem by getting teams on the same page to work on what is important. Bynder’s digital asset management solution provides access to all of your digital media via one centralized portal anytime, anywhere. 

More than 250,000 brand managers, marketers, and creatives use Bynder’s brand portals every day to produce real-time collaborate edits and approvals within a central hub for all company materials and messaging. This allows brands to go to market faster and achieve end-to-end brand consistency across all channels and regions, with simplified collaboration throughout the organization. With Bynder, your next big idea is a click away. 

Bynder and Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Bynder’s Commerce Cloud integration is all about creating content consistency for e-Commerce users with the help of Bynder’s brand portal. Online retailers know all too well that creating, uploading, and updating product content efficiently across a variety of e-Commerce platforms can be a real hassle. That is why Bynder’s integration enables customers to use Bynder as the definitive source of content when creating, finding and using digital assets in the Commerce Cloud environment.

Customers can instantly deploy product images and information on their e-Commerce platform in a way that ensures effective brand consistency across all touchpoints. This helps customers save time when updating digital media content for e-Commerce, reduce the risk of displaying outdated content, and go to market faster with the latest product and campaign materials.
  • A single source of content for brands: import digital assets such as product images directly into Commerce Cloud from Bynder’s brand portal
  • Key information is displayed in the image metadata to find out who uploaded it, from where, which version, and whether it is available for use
  • Enables the use of marketing banners and ads in content slots
  • New versions of assets in Bynder will replace the same asset in Salesforce Commerce Cloud, helping to avoid licensing problems