North America
TSYS solves the challenge of supporting the payment types and payment platforms that customers demand. Engagement at the point of sale is rapidly evolving. Advanced payment options from Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Visa, MasterCard and others, as well as new form factors including EMV, NFC and QR codes, have turned a simple transaction into a valuable customer interaction. Integrated with your point-of-sale system, we provide retailers a true path forward by being the only flexible payment solution that scales to their business' growth and industry needs. Paving the way, TSYS/Salesforce Commerce Cloud retailers have a true Omni Channel capability with the same payment token being used for e-commerce payments and in-store transactions, further expanding the retail experience that can be offered to today's consumer.
TSYS and Salesforce Commerce Cloud
The TSYS Commerce Cloud integration provides connectivity with TSYS for use as a payment provider and payment gateway services provider for digital store solutions. Commerce Cloud merchants wishing to use the TSYS Commerce Cloud Link cartridge are provided with the tools they need to implement the payment instrument. The cartridge provides services such as credit/debit card processing, gift card solutions, and tokenization, offering a true omni-channel sales experience. With over 17 years of experience, TSYS is a trusted payment technology and processing provider, and our powerful tools can make your business more profitable.
  • Credit (pre-authorization, sale, refund, void)
  • Gift (activation, sale, balance inquiry, refund, void)
  • Tokenization
  • Point to Point Encryption
  • Fraud Scoring