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Certona is the leading real-time, AI-driven omnichannel personalization provider for B2B and B2C brands and retailers. Trusted by more than 500 brands in over 70 countries, Certona powers over 100 billion unique experiences each month. Its patented technology leverages machine learning and predictive analytics to deliver a fully-orchestrated experience that increases engagement and conversion across all customer touchpoints, including websites, apps, stores, email, and contact centers.

Recognized by Gartner as a Leader in the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines, Certona is also ranked as the leading personalization provider by Internet Retailer to the Top 1000 and leader for 10 consecutive years to the Top 500.

Integration Overview

Certona’s Commerce Cloud integration supports sophisticated individualization and equips brands with powerful tools to tailor the customer experience across all touchpoints, including mobile, web, stores, email, and call centers. The company’s all-in-one solution suite is comprised of Personalized Search, Personalized Browse & Discovery, Personalized Recommendations, Personalized Content, Testing & Optimization, and Data Science & Analytics.

As a fully-certified Premier Salesforce LINK Joint Customer and Storefront Reference Architecture Launch Partner, Certona's cartridge accelerates the implementation process and ensures continuous compatibility with Salesforce’s commerce platform.

Integration Features

  • PERSONALIZED SEARCH: Enhance traditional keyword searches by combining Certona's products, like Site Search, Image Search, and Predictive Visual Search, to make search more visual and tailored to the consumer.
  • PERSONALIZED BROWSE & DISCOVERY: Guide customers throughout their experience and reduce abandonment with Personalized Category Pages, Product Finder & Guided Discovery, Personalized Landing Pages, and Personalized Visual Navigation.
  • PERSONALIZED RECOMMENDATIONS: Drive conversion with meaningful recommendations across all customer touchpoints, including web and mobile sites, mobile apps, stores and other locations, email, ad networks, and call centers.
  • PERSONALIZED CONTENT: Engage your customers with relevant content of any type, including but not limited to recommendations, promotional offers, downloadable assets, messaging, and graphics and hero images.
  • TESTING & OPTIMIZATION: Collaborate with a team of experts to build, test, and optimize your personalization strategy, and implement best practice algorithms backed by machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • DATA SCIENCE & ANALYSIS: Integrate first-, second-, and third-party online and in-store data, and leverage real-time, contextual, and historical data to tailor the customer experience in the moment.


Boosted Search
Personalized Product Recommendations and Promotions
Personalized Email Communications
Personalized Mobile Experiences
Remarketing for Email