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Delivering personalized customer experiences for the world's most popular retailers and brands. Certona is the leader for real-time omnichannel personalization. Trusted by more than 500 top ecommerce sites, Certona's cloud-based Personalized Experience Management platform increases engagement and conversions by leveraging one-to-one behavioral profiling, Big Data insights, and predictive analytics to serve up individualized content, promotional offers and product recommendations across all customer touchpoints. Certona’s cloud-based platform contributed to the generation of over $24 billion online in 2013 and our clients include the #1 retailers in Apparel, Specialty, Office Supplies, Luggage, Skincare and many other categories.Certona is the only pure personalization provider to be selected by Internet Retailer's Top 500 Guide as a personalization leader for six consecutive years: 2009- 2015.
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The Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration with the Certona Personalized Experience Manager™ utilizes real-time capabilities to deliver and learn from multiple channels. Certona’s 1:1 real-time personalization combines real-time context with unmatched customer profiling and merchandising, enabling you to personalize any channel with the most individualized product recommendations, targeted content and offers. The result is increased engagement that drives customer loyalty and lifetime value, while increasing key performance metrics. By activating Certona’s module, Commerce Cloud clients can immediately save initial setup time and efficiency as our technology tags their website and sets up the product catalog data feed. Clients are then assigned with a dedicated account manager from Certona to assist with implementation. By implementing a single, consistent personalization platform, Commerce Cloud clients can receive a host of performance, administrative and reporting benefits over an integration of point solutions from a variety of solutions providers.
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