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ChangeUp, Inc.

Over 80% of consumers say it's important that a brand supports charitable causes and admire a company that gives back.  ChangeUp is the only Salesforce-certified cartridge that enables donations at check-out to any charity in America (850,000), as well as major international charities based in New York and Washington DC. 

Retailers have the flexibility to choose from 9 options to enable donations at check-out: round-ups of spare change, fixed percentage of sale, or a flat dollar amount, each of which can be paid by the customer, retailer, or matching. The retailer can manage "favorite" charities at any time, choose to display charity logos at check-out, and generate real-time reports.

ChangeUp distributes funds to charities through a back-end network that handles over $100M per month in donations via workplace giving programs for companies like Microsoft, Nike, and Apple. Donations made by retailers are tax-deductible. Show how your company is changing the world and empower your customers to join!

Integration Overview

ChangeUp for Charity offers merchants the ability to empower their customers to make donations at checkout using three options:

  1. fixed amount,
  2. percentage of the order total, and
  3. round-up to the next whole monetary value.

How the donation amount is calculated is variable based on several configurable options in the ChangeUp dashboard, which is made possible in Business Manager. There are also several configurations to allow a customer to choose a charity of their own liking (optional) or guide them to the merchant’s preferred charities.

Once the cartridge is installed, merchants will choose a default charity; in the event there is no customer interaction, then that order's donation will be given to default charity deemed important by the merchant. Several featured organizations may be selected in the configuration as well, which are presented to the consumer on the order confirmation page. As an added feature, merchant has the option to allow customers to search for their own local charity.

Integration Features

  • Ability to enable donations at checkout to any charity in America (850,000+ non-profits). 
  • Donations available in three formats: round-up, fixed amount, or percentage of the order total. 
  • Donor can be the customer, merchant, or customer donation + merchant match. 
  • Merchant can select a single charity to receive donations, present customers with up to five favorite charities, or allow customers to search for their local charity of choice.
  • Merchant controls all features and can change their favorite charities at any time to respond to disasters or crises. 
  • ChangeUp handles distribution of all donations to end charities. 
  • Reporting and tax documentation available upon request.