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Chat 2 Pay

Clickatell seeks to create a better world through technology by making commerce in chat accessible for everyone, everywhere. Consumers can now connect with brands to find goods and services, make purchases, track orders, and resolve issues with a simple text or chat. No need for cash, phone calls, in-person interactions, or apps. Our products help to improve the customer experience by offering innovative, intuitive and convenient ways to engage and transact over lower-cost, more efficient chat channels that help your business address omnichannel strategies.

For 20 years, Clickatell has been a global technology company and innovator in mobile messaging, engagement, and commerce. Founded in 2000 with now over 10,000 customers, Clickatell is powering the chat economy with smart solutions that bring brands easily into the chat apps their customers use and love. Mobile consumers can now interact with business on demand and at their convenience using the channels of their choice, such as SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. We cover more than 220 territories, 1000+ networks, and 85% of the world’s population, with an SMS reach of more than 5 billion users. Clickatell is headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA and has offices in Canada, South Africa, and Nigeria.

Integration Overview

Clickatell Chat 2 Pay enables call center agents to send a payment request to their customers, sent in an SMS or WhatsApp message. The customer can pay for orders logged on Salesforce Order Management by simply clicking on the link delivered in the message without requiring them to expose their personal payment information to the call center agent by reading the payment card details out over the phone.

On clicking the link, the customer is served a hosted checkout page where they can securely enter their payment card details and submit payment. The checkout page is responsive and will reformat to display correctly on any screen or device. The customer receives a confirmation of their order and a receipt (also via chat message), while the Chat 2 Pay integration displays the status of the transaction to the call center agent (such as link sent, payment success, error or rejection, invoice sent, etc.).

This powerful integration performs all the orchestration required to securely pass information between the merchant and the customer via popular chat channels, enabling convenient, contactless payment experiences. Integration management tools enable easy configuration of the chat channel, the payment processor, and the message templates.

Integration Features

  • Pre-built Chat 2 Pay integration for Salesforce Order Management
  • Payment link sent via SMS or WhatsApp channels through integration to Clickatell
  • Fully-hosted, responsive checkout page that collects data directly from the customer and processes their payment
  • Orchestration APIs that securely pass information such as MSISDN, transaction details, receipt, etc.
  • Integration to Cybersource payment processing platform (compatible with Secure Acceptance and Unified Commerce)
  • Support for the 3D Secure 1.0 and 2.0 protocols
  • SRC (Secure Remote Commerce), Visa Click to Pay and MasterCard Click to Pay available using Unified Commerce
  • Agent dashboard that displays status of the payment (e.g. link sent, payment success or error, etc.)
  • Analytics delivered via Chat 2 Pay dashboard
  • Tier 2 operational tools: end-point monitoring and alerts dashboard
  • General extension management and configuration
  • Comprehensive user guide and tutorial videos to enable seamless setup