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Payment solutions are built on 100% proprietary technology and handle every part of the payment process, providing complete transparency across the entire payment value chain. Business growth requires a trusted partner. Reach your goals with a solution from that delivers flexibility, control, and performance. Increase revenues and meet customer needs with We support more than 150 currencies, international cards and local payment methods. offers a consolidated, easy-to-use payment platform you can count on without any third parties. Get full access to data, plus smart transaction tools and fraud reports. Benefit from higher authorization rates with the local acquiring connections we’ve established around the globe. Provide a seamless payment experience in a single, streamlined solution that includes the payment switch. With customers like Samsung, TransferWise, Hopper, Virgin, and Adidas, we’re proud of the company we keep. Our mission is to partner with smart businesses of all sizes to help them optimise their payments, increase revenues, and meet the dynamic needs of their customers. uses the Interchange++ model. No minimums and no contract required. Pricing is based on your transaction volume and history. If you’re already accepting credit cards, we’d like to earn your business. We’ll help you get started and support you along the way.

The cartridge allows Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SCC) store owners to process payments through the Payment Gateway. The LINK cartridge package contains a single folder named int_checkoutcom. This integration has been designed using Javascript Controllers and doesn’t contain any deprecated Pipelines code. It however stays fully compatible with sites or cartridges using pipeline code. We support more than 150 currencies, international cards and local payment methods. For a maximisation of the conversion rate, the buyer is not redirected to third party sites during the payment process. Consequently, the shop operator does not need a PCI DSS certification to use the solution.

In order to test or effectively process payments through the Payment Gateway, you will need to open an account. Please contact your account manager or send an email to for more information. Some of the features available are transaction authorization, capture, void, refund, partial refund, along with a customizable risk engine for a better control and security on your transactions.

  • Form integration allowing full card charges without redirection to an external page
  • Dynamic 3D Secure protection with fallback on a Non 3D Secure flow
  • Fully built-in risk engine with the possibility to customise the settings and risk parameters
  • Handle authorisation, capture, void, full or partial refund, blacklisting and chargebacks
  • Supports the Controller and Pipeline Frameworks
  • Cross browser and cross device compatible
  • Customisable parameters in the Custom Preferences of the Business Manager
  • More than 150 currencies, international cards and local payment methods