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The largest and only solution with the scale, flexibility, expertise, and experience to support any merchant globally. Stopping card-not-present fraud is not the biggest challenge—delivering the highest accuracy in approval rates is what really matters. ClearSale offers the highest approval rates and lowest false positive rates in the industry. Manage Performance, not features.  ClearSale approves or declines each order quickly and accurately with a comprehensive solution focused on delivering results that matter – higher approvals and lower fraud.

Pay only for proven results: Performance-based pricing plans based on KPIs such as approval rate and chargeback rate.   Unlike some competitors, chargeback guarantee is not mandatory, but an extra feature instead. Remove operational burden: You don’t need to run your own in-house operational teams.  We handle the burden of updating tools & rules, managing dedicated fraud staff and adapting to evolving fraud attacks is removed. “Very fast and meets all our needs and expectations. Overall excellent service, gave our sales quite a boost.” Staples | Guilherme Nobrega.

Integration Overview

Integrating ClearSale into your Salesforce Commerce Cloud store is easy. Once you have an account with ClearSale and have received ClearSale's API credentials, simply install the plugin, and configure the settings as outlined in the documentation.

We offer direct IT support in order to assist you with any desired customization.

Integration Features

  • Pay only for proven results. Performance-based pricing 
  • Improve your financials. Pay according to your demand.  
  • Remove operational burden.  You don’t need to run your own in-house operational teams.
  • Achieve optimal ROI with a customized solution. We continuously fine-tune our solutions to out-perform KPI targets and achieve the best ROI. 
  • Transparency. ClearSale offers an online dashboard and periodic reports to support a seamless and transparent customer experience.   
  • Innovative. First company to offer a chargeback guarantee over 15 years ago. 
  • Customizable. Fraud prevention is not one-size-fits-all. We custom tailor our services to meet each client’s needs. 
  • Reliable. ClearSale follows ISO 27001 best practices
  • Available 24/7. Your site never goes offline, and neither do we. 
  • Easy to start. Integration can be done within hours.