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Cloudinary for Page Designer

Efficiently create, manage, and deliver image and video experiences, with no code.

Images and videos tell a story, persuade, and engage potential buyers. In today’s hypercompetitive world, delivering timely, personalized experiences drive conversions. However, engaging shoppers with a consistent, high-performance experience across all touchpoints can be challenging to scale without typing up creative, marketing, and technical resources.

Cloudinary gives you the power to create visual shopping experiences faster than ever, and engage customers with high-performance images and videos that drive conversions—across web, mobile, and social.

Trusted by thousands of iconic brands including Neiman Marcus, StubHub, Bvlgari, Ted Baker, Levis, Guess.

Integration Overview

Cloudinary for Page Designer automates your entire image and video publishing workflow—from creating variants for different campaigns to transcoding, optimizing, and responsive delivery to every screen. Whether you need to personalize assets for campaigns or improve performance for faster loading, Cloudinary offers a wide array of real-time manipulations. Cloudinary delivers all rich media through multiple content delivery networks (CDNs).

Integration Features

  • Create once, publish anywhere: Simply drag and drop images and videos from your media library onto web pages to create visually engaging content from within Page Designer and maintain a single source of truth. Whether it’s for landing pages or your storefront, Cloudinary automatically adapts images and videos to deliver custom, responsive experiences.
  • Optimize performance: Improve conversions with high-quality images and videos that load faster by automatically delivering them in the most efficient format, quality, and resolution via global CDNs, without sweating the technical details.
  • Personalize dynamically: Apply media manipulations such as overlays, watermarks, artistic filters, and video editing such as trimming or generating thumbnails through a simple media editor from within Page Designer—with no ad hoc sharing or dependencies.
  • Maintain a single source of truth: Enable your creative, marketing, and merchandise teams to work from a centralized media library and manage images, videos, and other rich-media assets with AI-powered tagging and search, structured metadata, and controlled sharing via collections and a media portal.
  • Customize and configure: Easily embed the Cloudinary media library and custom widgets into your Page Designer components to fit the existing workflow. You can also build custom integrations using extensible APIs.