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Images, videos, and other rich media are central characters of your brand story that drives engagement and conversions. However, your customers expect a consistent, engaging experience across all touchpoints, which can be challenging to scale without tying up your creative, marketing, and technical resources.

Use automation and AI to create, manage, and deliver engaging visual experiences—across mobile, web, and social—and work together on a single platform to find and share assets, collaborate across teams, and manipulate, optimize, and deliver images and videos.

Cloudinary is a must-have technology in the e-commerce stack of the top sportswear brands, the most popular food-delivery apps, the largest ticket marketplaces, and thousands of iconic brands including Walmart Labs, Neiman Marcus, Lululemon Athletica, WholeFoods, and StubHub.



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Integration Overview

The Cloudinary Commerce Cloud integration enables you to improve the shopping experience and performance of your online store by automatically delivering images and videos that are enhanced and optimized for customers on every screen, browser, and connectivity. Whether you need to personalize assets for campaigns or improve performance for faster loading, Cloudinary offers a wide array of manipulations. Through the Business Manager, you can easily crop, resize, transcode, add overlays, and optimize images and videos in real time.  Cloudinary delivers all rich media through global content delivery networks (CDNs).

Integration Features

  • Upload once, deliver anywhere: Seamlessly synchronize and add your images and videos from content and product catalogs to the Cloudinary media library and automatically adapt them, with content-aware AI, to fit the store design and viewing context. 
  • Optimize store performance: Make your images and videos load fast by automatically delivering them in the most efficient format, quality, and resolution, based on the content and viewing device, with no manual workflow. 
  • Bring products to life: Deliver an interactive shopping experience with a gallery of product images, videos, 360 spin sets, and 3D models, automatically optimized and responsive for viewing on any screen. 
  • Publish videos instantly: Automatically transcode and deliver videos in the most efficient format and codec and adjust their quality compression to reduce the file size with no visual degradation. 
  • Apply badges, effects, and filters: Enhance images and videos to suit your design needs by applying a wide range of effects, such as watermarks and badges with image and text overlays, rotations, modified shapes, and artistic filters. 
  • Deliver media assets through multiple CDNs: Accelerate the delivery of images and videos with multiple CDNs—Akamai, Fastly, and CloudFront—and dynamically switching between providers to select the best-performing network. Or, you can continue using your current CDN. 
  • Get analytics on usage and performance: Gain important insights into your media assets with in-depth analytics on performance, bandwidth usage, and error monitoring. 
  • Be up and running in minutes: Maintain a single source of truth for all your assets across all the teams with easy sync and migration of assets—on-demand or at once—organized in folders and folders with revision tracking and automatic backup.