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Clyde empowers businesses — from startups to enterprises — to offer extended warranties and accident protection to their customers. Our plans slot into your current purchase flow so you can be up and running in minutes. With Clyde, retailers can easily launch and manage a top-tier, full-service product protection program, backed by the most trusted insurance companies in the industry. Clyde is transforming the warranty space — both in its accessibility to retailers and in the experience it offers and value it provides to consumers.

Clyde offers extended warranties and accident protection across a wide range of product categories — from sunglasses and headphones, to snowboards and telescopes, and beyond. Warranty sales generate a net-new revenue stream while simultaneously providing customers peace of mind at checkout, increasing loyalty and retention. Join Clyde to leverage this hugely beneficial service for your business and your customers.

Integration Overview

Clyde is an API-driven warranty platform that allows retailers to offer their customers product protection plans as they shop.

Clyde works by syncing a store's catalog and matching those products to product protection plans. Clyde returns the matched product protection plans to the store's Salesforce Commerce Cloud instance. Retailers implement the Clyde widget in order for customers to add the proper protection plan to their cart as they shop.

The Clyde Dashboard provides retailers with all the tools they need to manage their program, from customization and order management, to program analytics and claims support.

Integration Features

  • Sync your catalog to match your catalog to product protection plans
  • Load protection plans directly into your purchase flow without disrupting the customer experience
  • Sync your sales to Clyde in order to manage and capture valuable data about your program