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Comparison Shopping Engines
CommerceHub is a leading provider of e-commerce solutions and services that enable retailers and brands to access all major sources of demand, supply, and delivery—through one single connection. Our suite of solutions allows you to seamlessly expand your assortment, sell more products through wholesale and direct-to-consumer sales and ad channels (including Amazon, Google Shopping, Yahoo, eBay, and Facebook) and enable faster, on-time customer delivery so you can profitably grow your online business.

CommerceHub DemandStream connects partners to major marketplaces, online advertising channels, social media sites, and next-generation Comparison Shopping Engines. Merchants can create a robust, centralized product catalog that can be optimized and rapidly syndicated across major shopping destinations (including Amazon, Jet, Google Shopping, eBay, Facebook, and Pinterest) as well as create high-performing digital marketing campaigns using integrated tools such as dynamic pricing, real-time bidding, and targeting. CommerceHub works with the biggest companies in retail, including Best Buy, Walmart, and The Home Depot, as well as many major brands, such as Samsonite, to maximize their sales revenue and ROAS (return-on-ad-spend). CommerceHub, the CommerceHub logo, OrderStream, ProductStream, and Keep Growing are registered trademarks, and DemandStream is a trademark, of Commerce Technologies, LLC. Other product names, logos, and brands are the property of their respective owners.
The CommerceHub DemandStream cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows DemandStream to directly ingest product attribute data, prices, and inventory numbers in the format expected by DemandStream. The integration between DemandStream and Commerce Cloud eliminates the requirement of custom development on behalf of the end user in the setup and maintenance of custom feeds and their associated automation.
  • Your site’s product catalog, as well as pricing and inventory availability information, is exported via sFTP to DemandStream for distribution to whichever demand, marketplace, or custom channels you have chosen to launch through CommerceHub.
  • DemandStream tracking tags installed on your site will transmit click attribution and order conversion data for analytics in the DemandStream UI.