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ConfigureID is the leading SaaS provider of full-featured product configuration and visualization software. We work with many of the world’s most prominent retail brands, including Louis Vuitton, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Ralph Lauren, Franklin Sports, and Fender.

For over fifteen years, we've been helping retailers engage and delight their customers through truly immersive product customization, personalization, and bundling experiences.

We believe that today’s consumers aren't clones and that each person deserves a one-of-a-kind product and shopping experience that makes them feel unique.

We offer an extensive array of features, including photo-realistic 2D and 3D imaging, a highly flexible UI to match your brand, as well as worldwide, multilingual and multi-currency coverage , including in mainland China.

Our goal is to help your business develop a winning product customization program that increases sales, boosts average order value, and strengthens customer engagement.

Integration Overview

ConfigureID’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration allows your customers to visually configure, customize, and personalize any product in your ecommerce store, or to assemble bundles of related products.

Our technology provides a best-in-class product configuration UI out of the box, which can also be tailored to meet your exact needs. We provide fast global coverage, including in mainland China, with 99.99% uptime.

All code, product imagery, data, and services that support the product configuration experiences are hosted by our cloud-based SaaS platform. You can easily add new products and update existing products in our self-serve administration tools.

Once your customer configures a product and adds it to the shopping cart, their selections are saved as a recipe with a unique identifier. The customer will then see their configured product in the cart with accurate imagery and pricing information.

When the purchase is complete, you will receive the order in your fulfillment system with complete details including descriptions, colors, materials, part numbers, detailed images, and any other information you require.

A contract with ConfigureID is required to integrate our product configuration platform with your ecommerce site. Contact us to learn more!

Integration Features

  • Product customization: Allow customers to customize fabrics, materials, colors, features, accessories, and much more
  • Product personalization: Allow customers to add text, user-generated content (UGC), clip-art, and more
  • Product visualization: Show customers photo-realistic 2D or 3D product imagery with their customizations in real-time
  • Product bundling: Guide customer selections of complementary products with visual mix-and-match offerings
  • Complex business rules: Apply rules to ensure your customers can only configure valid product combinations
  • Global scale: Offer custom products anywhere in the world, including in mainland China, in any currency and language
  • Integrations: Access flexible integration API’s for ecommerce and manufacturing
  • Online and in-store: Available on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices as well as in-store
  • Self-serve admin tools: Easily manage products, attributes, and deployments from our cloud-based admin tools
  • Built-in features: Dynamic pricing, social sharing, reset, print, randomize capabilities, and more