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Contentserv’s leading software solutions enable brand manufacturer and retailers to centrally organize and optimize their product contents, thus enabling them to provide their customers with a unique and emotional ProductExperience across all touch points.
The Product Information Management System (PIM) digitalizes the Marketing Processes and ensures an efficient and emotionally-appealing product communication whose data quality and informative value increases many times over. The innovative Contextual MDM is specialized in both wide product ranges as well as varying product ranges depending on location and enables an unprecedented customized Product Experience in real-time across all channels. More than 300,000 users in 89 countries are using the technology-leading software solutions by Contentserv that have been highly rated by numerous international analysts. There is a reason why Contentserv is one of the 10 TOP innovators and strong performers in the PIM area. 
CONTENTSERV is the central platform for all marketing content such as product information and media assets as well as marketing content that is to be displayed in different media and at various touch points. CONTENTSERV is one of only a few providers that offers both a solution for product information and a professional and fully integrated solution for digital assets and marketing texts. The two systems are  integrated with each other like no other Marketing Content system and offer a consistent look & feel. Demandware customers can create, manage and compile all content that is necessary for an optimal product communication efficiently and optimized for each channel and thus enable optimal product communication across all channels.  Thanks to the cooperation with Demandware, CONTENTSERV can provide an outstanding customer experience.  Moreover, the flexible API and available Cartridge facilitate the implementation of any customer-specific requirements that are necessary to be able to distribute the necessary content.
  • Efficient and professional product data management (inheritance, mass indexing, preparation of content) for a quicker and better Customer Experience in the Demandware Shop.
  • Central storage of all media such as images, icons PDFs, office documents, video and audio files including conversion and preparation for the Demandware Shop.
  • Central storage of all texts for better story telling in the Demandware Shop.
  • Compile and prepare content for all touch points, not only for the Demandware Shop, but also for print, promotion etc. 
  • Support for all coordination processes via workflow tools. 
  • Translation processes save money and improve the quality of content. 
  • Better Customer Experience since context -driven 
  • Quality of product data thanks to Data Quality Rules in PIM -> better sales opportunities