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Contentsquare is a digital experience insights platform that helps businesses understand how and why visitors are interacting with their app, mobile and websites. Contentsquare empowers every member of the digital team to easily measure the impact of their actions, and make fast and productive data-driven decisions to optimize the customer journey. Trusted by major brands like GoPro, Sephora, Walmart, Ikea, LVMH, AccorHotels and many others, Contentsquare has over 300+ enterprise clients. Contentsquare has offices in Paris, London, New York and Munich.

Integration Overview

Contentsquare's Integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides the quickest path to integrating with Contentsquare, making it possible for you to understand how each piece of content ultimately impacts cart conversions and spend. Uncover problematic customer journeys and identify A/B tests worth running. Discover which menu, filter and search choices are impacting your conversions and how small changes can make a big difference. Uncover which customer journeys are problematic and right them. Increase the impact of personalization by understanding customer behavior by segment.

Integration Features

  • Inclusion of the Contentsquare Web Tracking Tag across all commerce cloud pages for a single domain and single locale Inclusion of the common set of Contentsquare custom attributes for tracking
  • Integration of SFRA consent tracking opt-in into the Contentsquare solution
  • Tracking of custom attributes for e-commerce transactions including Add to Cart and Post Checkout Transaction information