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Elevate the customer experience overnight with more dynamic storefronts, shoppable brand sites, and cutting-edge targeting. Blend real-time product information with marketing content to deliver consistent product messages to any digital touchpoint. Streamline your workflows, refresh your content constantly, and take global campaign collaboration to the next level.

CoreMedia has revolutionized the integration of content and commerce with our CMS, DAM and Personalization platform. Our intuitive editorial interface and deep integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud means global brands and retailers can access powerful new tools to increase engagement, conversions, time-on-site, and average order size. Find out how world-class brands such the Boots Walgreens Alliance, Calvin Klein, Continental Tires, Emerson Electric, Office Depot, Tommy Hilfiger, and the Yoox Net-a-Port Group have transformed their business with CoreMedia.

Integration Overview

CoreMedia integrates the Salesforce Commerce Cloud with our advanced content management (CMS) and digital asset management (DAM) capabilities. It allows users to augment existing store pages and create new hybrid experiences that combine rich media and branded content with up-to-the-minute product information and transactional capabilities. The solution provides out-of-box support for interactive experiences including shoppable videos, shoppable image maps, editable text on images, slideshows, 360 spinners and more. Advanced preview capabilities allow merchants to view the full range of customers experiences at any stage in the customer journey – on any device or channel. Multiple deployment options mean CoreMedia’s solution can be delivered via SaaS, private cloud, or on-premises. CoreMedia customers can reduce production costs, accelerate time-to-web, and increase the quality of the shopping experience, leading to higher average revenue per visitor, more repeat-customers, and enhanced organic web traffic from search engines.

Integration Features

  • Creative Flexibility – Augment existing store pages and create new hybrid pages that combine rich media and branded content with product information and transactional capabilities
  • Advanced DAM – Manage master files and renditions; out-of-the-box support for shoppable videos, shoppable image maps, editable text on images, slide shows, and 360 spinners
  • Real-Time Previews – Visualize the online shopping experience on any device, for any customer segment, across the entire customer journey
  • Customizable & Configurable – Manage structured and versioned content based on a customizable document type; store content of any size and type with configurable binary large object (BLOB) storage; import bulk data from XML sources or dynamically link to 3rd party data sources
  • Global Publishing – Support multi-brand, multi-region, and multi-language scenarios with ease; compare languages for efficient localization; integrated translation management
  • Instant Updating – Publish content at any time with near real-time capabilities, including advanced visibility and workflow controls as well as link and asset verification
  • Frontend Resource Management – Upload templates into content repositories for dynamic templating and efficiently manage web resources such as CSS, JavaScript and fonts
  • Edit and Optimize Images – Edit images (crop, rotate, contrast, etc.); deliver optimized renditions of image assets based on delivery channel and asset use
  • Intuitive UI – browser-based access with no required plug-ins featuring drag-and-drop support; import date from common external sources, including Word or plain text; Edit content in any language


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