North America
Our flexible SaaS platform allows brands to acquire, retain and deepen relationships with customers across channels, without boundaries. Our team of passionate loyalty experts work with brands to customize & build an omnichannel loyalty programs that are customer-centric, engaging, relevant, measurable and delivers brand value. This approach allows us to help brands deliver programs that embody brand values and deliver exciting and rewarding experiences for customers. Our programs are designed to grow customer lifetime value through increased frequency, retention and creating authentic customer experiences and influenceable moments, while continuing to drive innovation in loyalty.

Our technology allows for brands to incentivize and collect actionable data from customers at every touchpoint, as well as reward and track behavior with more than 100 out-of-the-box activities. Customers can utilize the platform’s predictive capabilities to identify the right audience and rewards to maximize redemption and engagement. Our strategy team has deep industry knowledge and will help you build a program to reach your company’s objectives. We have the expertise to construct a differentiated, all-inclusive customer engagement strategy to create incremental connectivity, transactions and revenue. We offer a level of strategic oversight on every account, with optional full strategic support including program design, organizational readiness and quantitative/qualitative client research.
The CrowdTwist cartridge integrates our client's loyalty program to their customer's ecommerce experience, allowing members to fully participate in the program. The Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration enables members to register for loyalty and earn points for both ecommerce purchase and engagement activities. Members of the client's program are also able to redeem points for rewards, view activity history, view their current program status and tier history and integrate with social platforms through an easy-to-use member page. Additional benefits include access to setup features of the loyalty program including tiering, earning rules and more.

Utilizing the Commerce Cloud cartridge allows clients to more rapidly bring programs to market so customers can start engaging with their brands as soon as possible. 
  • Utilize CrowdTwist APIs to register new members and earn loyalty points for purchase
  • Display CrowdTwist widgets with loyalty account profile, activities, rewards and history
  • Admin form to customize cartridge settings
  • For logged out users, utilize CrowdTwist APIs to display potential points to be earned on purchase