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Curalate is a leading marketing technology company that enables brands to turn any image or video into a shoppable commerce experience. With Curalate, brands can use social content, social channels, and social audiences to sell more effectively across their marketing and commerce channels. The Curalate Visual Commerce Platform is in use by 800+ of the world's most loved brands, including Urban Outfitters, Neiman Marcus, Sephora and J.Crew.


Curalate Data Sheet

Integration Overview

Curalate’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration is an all-in-one solution that gives brands the power to drive social commerce at scale. The Curalate platform allows brands to tap into the content surrounding their brand, match that content to their product catalogue and then feature that content across their marketing and commerce channels. Demandware serves up a brand’s product feed and Curalate’s intelligent media-tagging engine enables the brand to connect those products to any piece of visual content, turning it into a shoppable storefront.  Brands are then able to distribute that super-charged content anywhere, wherever their customer lives, and then track the performance of that content through Curalate’s robust analytics offering. Curalate accommodates both self-serve and fully customized commerce experiences and comes equipped with built-in moderation and rights management solutions.

Integration Features

  • Collect Media - Connect to your e-commerce, analytics and social platforms to ingest all products and all content surrounding your brand.
  • Intelligent Product Tagging - Monetize content faster with product feed integration and AI-driven tagging capabilities.
  • Distribute Anywhere - Post, publish and deploy your productized content to create commerce experiences, everywhere (social, email, blog, etc.).
  • Full Customization - Control the look and feel of your experiences or leave it up to Curalate based on our expertise with 800+ brands.
  • Discovery Engine - Serve up personalized experiences to consumers with similar product recommendations to foster off-site discovery of new products in your catalogue.
  • E-commerce Analytics - Quickly understand how your Curalate integration maps to on-site purchases.
  • Influencer Curation - Find and activate quality content in minutes from social media influencers who represent your authentic brand voice.