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DataDome is a global company, dedicated to real-time bot traffic protection and mitigation.

DataDome offers the most advanced technology designed to block OWASP automated threats: credential stuffing, layer 7 DDoS attacks, SQL injection & intensive scraping. DataDome’s Artificial Intelligence protects all vulnerability endpoints (web, mobile apps & APIs) by providing real-time automated blocking decisions. Thanks to our state-of-the-art dashboard, users get real-time intuitive notifications about blocked attacks, feedback loops, insights, business KPIs and attack details..

DataDome’s AI decisions can be monitored and overridden in real time by creating Custom Rules with direct and immediate effect. The bot protection solution analyzes in real time 100% of incoming requests and provides automated threat detection, categorization by types and dedicated responses for every single hit. With a bad bot false positive ratio below 0.01%, legitimate users and search engines will never be blocked by our artificial intelligence module..

DataDome is the only bot blocking solution available in full SaaS mode, protecting thousands of domains and applications in more than 60 countries, with both pricing plans and technical documentation (incl. modules' source code) publicly available online..

We are proud to count first class ecommerce and classifieds businesses from all over the world amongst our references: ClassMates, Rakuten, UBM (Black Hat), Kurt Geiger, Tripadvisor, BlaBlaCar, Schibsted.

Integration Overview

DataDome integrates seamlessly, in less than an hour, with 95% of the world’s web infrastructure (both client & server sides) and does not require any change to existing architectures. Our technology runs anywhere, in any cloud, with a positive impact on websites and mobile applications' performance.

This cartridge enables to set-up the DataDome protection on Sales Force Commerce Cloud sites. It makes a call to the closest DataDome endpoint. Depending on the API response, the cartridge either blocks the request or lets the sites continue the regular process.

Integration Features

  • Block in realtime all bad bot activity on any SFCC website
  • Monitor the AI decision regarding bot traffic on your realtime updated dashboard
  • Protect your products list and pricing from scrappers
  • Protect cart from automated bot activity
  • Block carding on pavement funnel
  • Protect login sections from account takeover and credential stuffing
  • Create your custom rules to block potential human fraud