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Datawords focuses on helping premium brands optimize the rollout of their digital strategies to their international markets, by providing them with localization, updating and digital services in any language and for any country. Our company works with leading brands in the luxury, fashion, beauty, automotive, CPG and sports industries. By combining technological expertise and native understanding of local cultures, made possible by its global network of local marketing experts, engineers, and specific proprietary tools designed for international digital rollout, Datawords created the field of e-Multiculturalism (digital multiculturalism).

E-Multiculturalism aims to help companies grow their international digital communications and to ensure their relevance on a local level while still maintaining the brand's core identity. To achieve this, technical, linguistic, graphical and numerous other criteria are taken into account to create a unique holistic approach. E-Multiculturalism reduces the timelines in which digital assets reach the brands' markets by 40%, while also providing very specific local digital insights for each of these markets. This expertise is applied across all digital platforms (website, mobile, social media, search, digital ads, newsletters etc.) and is focused on optimizing the brand's international digital ROI by having the ability to scale a project to as many markets as necessary and simultaneously, thus reducing international digital costs.

Integration Overview

The Datawords Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge allows seamless integration between Commerce Cloud and Dataword's leading localization platform, the Semantic Portal. A dashboard will allow content to be selected for localization. Content may be sent item per item, in batches, or for the full site in one shot.

This dashboard also allows status tracking for the different localization requests, and finally the selection of contents to re-import once localized. The Cartrige covers the following content types: Products (and related images), Categories, Content Slots, Content Assets, Promotions, Meta data, Library Data.

Integration Features

  • Full and partial import/export of product content and images
  • Full and partial import/export of categories
  • Full and partial import/export of content slots
  • Full and partial import/export of promotions
  • Full and partial import/export of meta data
  • Full and partial import/export of content assets
  • Dashboard for content selection in the Business Manager Cartridge 
  • Dashboard for status tracking item per item