Order Management

Deck Commerce

Deck Commerce is a Distributed Order Management System (OMS) that empowers retailers to deliver modern omnichannel shopping experiences through the full lifecycle of an order. The highly flexible, cloud-based solution centralizes and simplifies enterprise inventory visibility, order orchestration and order processing across shopping and distribution channels. This empowers users to deliver unified omnichannel consumer experiences and revenue growth by optimizing distribution networks and seamlessly leveraging existing back-end business systems. The system streamlines everything that happens after an order is placed, such as managing shipments, settling payments, servicing the customer, processing returns, and more. Leading retail brands such as New Balance, Rawlings, Build-A-Bear and The Honest Company power their omnichannel operations with Deck Commerce.

Integration Overview

The certified Deck Commerce LINK Cartridge extends the Salesforce Commerce Cloud with omnichannel order management capabilities. The cartridge easily integrates with your Salesforce SFRA storefront (also supports both Pipeline and JS Controllers) and back-end ERP, WMS, and POS solutions. This enables you to enhance the Salesforce Commerce Cloud experience for your customers by optimizing inventory visibility and delivering advanced fulfillment capabilities including Ship-to-Store, Store Pick-Up, Ship-from-Store, Return-to-Store and Return-to-Web. In addition, Deck Commerce OMS provides leading Customer Service tools that supports automated order processing across an unlimited number of fulfillment locations, order and item-level shipments, a web-based portal to manage customer inquiries, appeasements and agent-assisted orders, and an order queuing system that helps manage fraud and custom order processing workflows.

Deck Commerce is the single, most effective cartridge for delivering omnichannel experiences and maximizing your Salesforce Commerce Cloud investment.

Integration Features

  • Order Orchestration automates order processing workflows (fraud review, custom products, omnichannel orders, compliance checks, product collections, pre-orders, backorders, etc.)
  • Transaction Processing automates advanced capture logic, appeasement/return amount, split payments, gift card processing, charge backs, and more
  • Omnichannel Fulfillment Logic automates business rules across distribution centers (warehouses, stores, 3PLs, drop shippers, etc.) based on lowest cost, quickest delivery, etc. and supports advanced routing such as Split Shipments and Multi-Point Fulfillment
  • OMS enables a unified commerce experience for Click and Collect, Buy Online Pick Up in Store, Ship to Store, Ship from Store, Return in Store, etc
  • Inventory Management consolidates inventory feeds, can allocate safety stock and available-to-sell inventory across specific shopping channels, and supports a headless commerce architecture
  • Real-time Order Status API and Post Shipment Visibility ensures consumers and customer service reps always have sight and control
  • Expansive Integration Network (payment, tax, fraud, loyalty, transactional and marketing emails, affiliate programs, etc.) empowers retailers to optimize agile workflows throughout the order lifecycle and ensure immediacy and accuracy in consumer communication and financial/BI records, like Tableau. Direct integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Returns Processing Automation and RMA Number Generation ensures smooth returns, even for products with complex pricing and promotions, such as kits and bundles
  • Single Sign-On Integrations and Deck Commerce APIs for customer service teams leveraging other servicing platforms, such as Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Marketplace Selling and Digital Storefront Selling Integrations allow retailers to embrace a headless commerce strategy and sell across shopping cart types while ensuring a single source of record for orders and consistent back-end workflows