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Order Management
Diamond head Co.,Ltd. is deploying full out-sourcing services which includes EC Site Production, High Quality Products/ People/ Video Shooting, Development of Special EC System, Listing, etc. Services which the Company offers are all specifically structured internally within the company. Therefore, the Company is in full grasp of the entire aspects of the system itself and the Company accordingly can meet with customers' needs to make proposals in a flexible manner. The Company has its own studios at several key locations, and the professional staff in every field are providing customers with total supports including all of the following: Planning, Styling, Video Shootings of Products/People/Animals, Image Producing, Video Editing. With regard to EC Site Production, the professional staff who have ample experiences in the area of EC Sites in fashion industry conduct hearings with customers regarding customers' expectations and produce EC Site which can really "sells". The Company produces designs which really take into considerations not only of visuals but also of usability, visual effects, brand imaging. The Company will provide customers with WEB Design which aims at effects of increasing conversion percent by such measures as Branding Enforcement, Improvement of ROI, and Improvement of UI/UX. The company, of course, is dealing with matters of smart-phones.

Diamondhead OMS is a solution which offers back office functions for orders received via Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud. The Company is specifically devoting itself for retail sales within Japan and is realizing the introduction of the system which does not need to have initial development by default installment of functions of actual successful performances of the system with several payment settlement agent vendors and distribution vendors.

The Web Platform which operates on cloud can be customized for the needs of customers based on high quality and flexible base system. Diamondhead OMS is equipped with functions of total centralized controlling and it is light and high quality. Please utilize Diamondhead OMS by all means.

  • Order Receiving Control(includes Cancellation, Product Returns, Product Exchanges)
  • Sales Control(Delivery Order, Delivery Performances, Sales Finalization, Sales Cooperation)
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