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Digital River, Inc.

Experts at localizing the checkout experience and minimizing the risk associated with global tax, fraud, and compliance challenges, Digital River helps optimize your international ecommerce business.


With our solution, you will instantly gain access to a massive global payments network that includes 20 local acquirers, 9 legal entities, 70+ payment methods, and 108 supported currencies. This gives you the Onshore Advantage™ resulting in higher authorization rates and a better customer experience. You’ll also benefit from our intelligent transaction routing technology that uses machine learning to minimize card declines so you can maximize profits.

Taxes & Regulatory Compliance

Digital River acts as the shield protecting your business from the legal minefield of global commerce otherwise that can result in significant fines, legal fees, jail time, damaged brand, damaged reputation, and/or negative PR. We protect you from that risk and complexity to enable you to focus on your core competencies. Additionally, we alleviate your worry with local taxes by calculating, collecting, and remitting them on your behalf in every market you enter.


You get 24/7 protection from transactional fraud with our team of global experts and the industry’s most comprehensive, real-time fraud prevention technology. Digital River serves leading brands including LG, Adobe, Intel, Cisco, Avast, Avid, Kaspersky, VMware, Lenovo, and Nvidia.

Integration Overview

Digital River’s certified cartridge provides a single, frictionless integration for Salesforce Commerce Cloud storefront. The global payment methods, billing optimization technology, and risk management services available out-of-the-box with Digital River’s solution include: All major credit cards, locally-issued cards, and alternative payment methods such as Alipay, Google Pay, and more; PCI and SOC compliance; tokenization; fraud management; currency conversion; returns, chargebacks and reversed payments; financial reconciliation; privacy requirements; settlement reports; global compliance with local laws of finance, sales, tax, and trade; regulatory fee management; tax collection, filing, remittance, and audit defense; tax ID and exemption management; statutory invoicing; product title transfer; terms of sale and legal disclosures; liability for returns and cancellations; billing optimization; visual insights into financial results with over 250 reports and a dashboard for viewing metrics.

Integration Features

  • All major credit cards, locally-issued cards, and alternative payment methods
  • PCI and SOC compliance
  • Tokenization
  • Fraud management
  • Currency conversion
  • Returns, chargebacks and reversed payments
  • Financial reconciliation
  • Privacy requirements
  • Global compliance with local laws of finance, sales, tax, and trade
  • Tax collection, filing, remittance, and audit defense