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Digital River

With more than 25 years’ experience, Digital River has mastered global commerce. An industry disrupter from the start, our Global Seller Services simplifies global commerce expansion to help companies of all sizes grow their revenue by offering shoppers a localized buying experience in OVER 200 DESTINATIONS worldwide. Using our flexible APIs that combine payments, tax, fraud, and compliance into a single integrated solution, brands INCREASE CONVERSIONS, turning browsers into buyers as they sell anything to anyone, anywhere in the world. The CHOSEN PARTNER of more than 3,500 global brands across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

This cartridge is essential for brands looking to enter new global markets and configure their store locales with the right local payment methods, language, and currency. Digital River optimizes payment acceptance and simplifies the complexities of selling online globally. Through our merchant of record business model we shoulder the financial and legal responsibilities of selling.

Integration Overview

Digital River’s certified cartridge provides a single, frictionless integration for Salesforce Commerce Cloud storefront. The cartridge includes Digital River’s Drop-in payment integration to provide access to Digital River’s suite of payment methods, and to securely collect the shopper’s payment details, maintaining all security and privacy requirements. The cartridge facilitates display of the appropriate terms of sale and other compliance requirements, while its fraud beacon protects brands from emerging fraud tactics and attacks. Everything brands need to take advantage of Digital River’s Onshore Advantage™ happens automatically through the Digital River’s cartridge, including:

  • All major credit cards, Digital Wallets, Buy Now Pay Later and more
  • PCI and SOC compliance
  • Fraud management
  • Currency conversion
  • Returns, chargebacks and reversed payments
  • Financial reconciliation
  • Settlement reports
  • Global compliance with local laws of finance, sales, tax, and trade
  • Regulatory fee management
  • Tax collection, filing, remittance, and audit defense
  • Tax ID and exemption management
  • Liability for returns and cancellations; billing optimization
  • Visual insights into financial results with over 250 reports and a dashboard for viewing metrics.

Integration Features

  • Seamless integration into our global payments and risk management infrastructure (no further integration needed for new regions) with access to over 70 locally-preferred payment methods, 26 local acquirers, 12 legal entities, 108 processing currencies, 46 transactional currencies, and tokenization.
  • Proprietary risk and fraud solution (Transaction Defender®) using machine learning and manual review
  • Intelligent transaction routing using industry-leading, data-driven billing optimization technology designed to minimize declines and maximize revenue.
  • Account Updater service including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.
  • Proprietary Expired Card Optimization (ECO) technology to identify and extend expiration dates.
  • Tax filing, collection, remittance, audit defense, Tax ID and exemption management.
  • Global team of experts to keep your business compliant with laws of finance, sales, tax, and trade, regulatory fee management, statutory invoicing, financial reconciliation.
  • Currency conversion, returns, chargebacks, and reversed payments, settlement reports.
  • Product title transfer, terms of sale and legal disclosures, liability for returns and cancellations.
  • Settlement reports, 250 data-driven reports and visualization dashboard.