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We help retailers around the world create ecommerce returns experiences that attract customers, create differentiation and foster loyalty. Doddle’s digital returns platform allows customers to book returns, choose a location, give a return reason and receive updates on their return and refund status with fully branded communications. Retailers get massively improved visibility of their returns operations and a clear picture of customer behavior; plus the capability to go paperless.

On average, 22% of ecommerce purchases are returned, and the figure can be far higher in verticals like apparel. Those returns incur additional costs across the reverse logistics chain, and the impact reverberates through the entire customer journey. Costs include pre-printed, non-recyclable labels and shipping back to the distribution center, but a poor consumer experience also costs retailers in the long term through lower customer lifetime values and reduced frequency of purchase. Our survey found that 74% of consumers think retailers need to improve their returns customer experience*. Doddle’s Returns Platform digitizes the returns journey, enabling retailers to reduce costs, improve sustainability & drive customer loyalty.

* Based on Doddle-commissioned YouGov survey of US adults in May 2020."

Integration Overview

Our Cartridge allows merchants to easily extend the functionality of Commerce Cloud to deliver a much better experience for customers who need to make a return. This cartridge enables the flow of order data through to the Doddle platform, enabling Doddle to capture and share data about items that will be returned, at the earliest opportunity. The Doddle Returns Platforms utilizes this data in order to encourage repurchase through exchanges, discount codes, and re-marketing, driving traffic back to merchant’s Commerce Cloud instance.

Integration Features

  • Digital returns booking - no more paper returns slips
  • Improved consumer digital tracking - reducing tickets into contact centre
  • Branded returns experience - tailor the digital journey retailers own brand not the carriers
  • Personalised returns experience - allowing merchants to set returns rules for each item
  • Marketing through the returns journey - sell alternate items to returns customers