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Drive Commerce Cartographer

Drive Commerce supports global retailers with guided shopping, product audit, and custom product software solutions.  Drive Commerce is a team of eCommerce professionals leveraging their experience in solving complicated problems for global retailers into easy-to-use, SaaS products that drive sales, increase customer satisfaction, and integrate seamlessly into your current platform. Our mandate is to build tools that decrease time to market, automate the mundane, and increase consistency and repeatability.  This leads to increases in conversions, stability in product data, and new shopping experiences.  We also look  to gather and provide key data points, so that our clients have the information they need to make their next strategic decision.

Cartographer is a guided shopping tool that connects customers with the products that fit them best as an individual.  Retailers configure and maintain inquiries into individual behavior and opinions to match consumers with products that fit their needs. Pacenotes frees your merchandising team to work on merchandising by auditing your products for common, yet hard to find errors. Some of the common areas that Pacenotes catches errors are saleability, inventory, SEO, presentation, and pricing.  In addition, Pacenotes is totally customizable and allows for configuration of rules based on your business needs and your custom attribute model.

Integration Overview

“What is it you’re shopping for today?  For you, or for someone else?" We don’t get to ask these questions online.  We don’t get to converse with a customer, to get to know them individually so that we can match their needs to our products.

Until now. Cartographer makes it easy to match the wealth of product data available in your Salesforce Commerce Cloud Catalog to a conversational question-and-answer experience displayed anywhere on your storefront.  Instantly available, fully customizable, and proven to turn shoppers into buyers. Guided shopping weights and calculates recommended products based on the customer’s answers to questions specifically designed to guide them to the right product for purchase, in an experience totally driven by the user. Cartographer clients use the tool to guide shoppers toward new and premium product, and see an average ROI of 22x!

Integration Features

  • Questions, answers, and attribute-mapping are configured using a friendly GUI, reducing time to market. 
  • Recommended products can be selected from existing Categories and data is automatically imported from OCAPI on-demand or on a schedule. 
  • Easily extend the product data-model using spreadsheet-based imports; add attributes specific to the recommender experience without updating Commerce Cloud objects. 
  • Customize the look and behavior of shopping experiences using CSS, Javascript and HTML.  Recommenders are mobile responsive “out of the box” — automatically adapting to any screen size. 
  • Recommenders can be published to Content Assets or Slots — use Commerce Cloud Campaigns & Split Tests to control display; run multiple experiences from a single instance. 
  • Track conversion, engagement, and revenue at all levels via robust analytics on answers, products and visitors. 
  • Localization features follow Commerce Cloud methodology — experiences can be easily localized for international usage. 
  • Proprietary API allows real-time changes to experiences — embed recommenders anywhere Javascript is allowed. 
  • Robust documentation and implementation guides allow implementation by in-house, preferred SI, or Drive Commerce development resources.